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[Image: G9MCt6q.jpg]

[Image: ZGbXWGt.jpg]

[Image: x2Q8eCi.jpg]
[Image: gerJNlh.jpg]

[Image: dqttsiJ.jpg]

The first blue hexagonal pyramid stood out more vividly from the others.
I was browsing through some old files for some math images ...
and ran across this subject and tried a couple of reprocessed grid works in pentagonal form.
The green and blue stuff was some kind of jade surface close up with color enhancements.
The background medium is bubbles.

[Image: kovOZ7L.jpg]

[Image: WlBmKfj.jpg]

Damned Bong7bp

"The first blue hexagonal pyramid stood out more vividly from the others.
I was browsing through some old files for some math images ...
and ran across this subject and tried a couple of reprocessed grid works in pentagonal form.
The green and blue stuff was some kind of jade surface close up with color enhancements.
The background medium is bubbles."

yeeesss...HPL described a shoggoth as a "congeries of bubbles"......

DE Combinate P-Ngon(SphereHeightmapVoid+TransKoch)

[Image: sOz0GSe.jpg]
[Image: p7vdjsl.png]
[Image: 8sM90G0.png]

Two renditions of your fractal three images back : DE Combinate P-Ngon(SphereHeightmapVoid+TransKoch)

[Image: sZBK8tb.jpg]

[Image: BE9czna.jpg]

My old image -- The Geometro-sphynx --- made from the North Cascades mountain peak -- Hidden Lake Peak

[Image: hbFkNX8.jpg]

A pentagonal reconstruction of the Geometro-sphynx

[Image: jPFX1ip.jpg]

[i]Formless protoplasm able to mock and reflect all forms and organs and processes - viscous agglutinations of bubbling cells - rubbery fifteen-foot spheroids infinitely plastic and ductile - slaves of suggestion, builders of cities - more and more sullen, more and more intelligent, more and more amphibious, more and more imitative! Great God! What madness made even those blasphemous Old Ones willing to use and carve such things?[/i]„~ [b]HPL , "At the Mountains of Madness"[/b]

[i]Two of the less irrelevantly moving things - a rather large congeries of iridescent, prolately spheroidal bubbles and a very much smaller polyhedron of unknown colours and rapidly shifting surface angles - seemed to take notice of him and follow him about or float ahead as he changed position among the titan prisms, labyrinths, cube-and-plane clusters and quasi-buildings"[/i]


[Image: 2oX8HIK.jpg]

[Image: VtiEoJ8.jpg]
[Image: svcUh6a.jpg]
[Image: 9CSrpDv.jpg]
[Image: eOojXrt.jpg]

I  might have more time now that the rainy season is almost upon us,
and exterior home repair projects wind up.
Mostly a race to get as much primed and painted as possible right now.
And I tried to put together rmetal gutters today.
I hate exterior roof gutters and I hate drywall work inside

Scream Whip

I took your fractal 2 images back.
these are nice reconstructions and should have good resolution at high magnification

[Image: BStf86j.jpg]

the above hexagonal rendition is exactly 6500 by 6500 pixels in my images, 
but Imgur reduces the size to 5200 by 5200

[Image: fBS6L7J.jpg]

[Image: Rv86YpU.png]
[Image: m7dvxU8.jpg]
[Image: kOd4OyQ.jpg]
[Image: Gsx7uO7.jpg]

[Image: GuY9Ei7.png]
[Image: WUAmwIT.jpg]
[Image: NrNCyph.jpg]
[Image: anxRI0u.png]

[Image: uzWQMlx.jpg]

Kind of ended up looking like a psychedelic Tibetan scepter.
two versions

[Image: RW8D50x.jpg]

[Image: YHBJ6ei.jpg]

"Tibetan Scepter"

OK?  Hmm2

I found an interesting page about this subject...

"In ancient India, the vajra, as a thunderbolt, became the chief weapon of the Vedic sky-god Indra. It controlled the forces of thunder and lightning, breaking open the monsoon storm clouds, bringing the welcome rains to the parched plains of an Indian summer. According to legend, Indra's thunderbolt was fashioned from the bones of the great Rishi Dadhichi, who was decapitated by Indra in sacrifice. Dadhichi's 'indestructible' skull-bones gave Indra the most powerful of weapons. By its energy he slew innumerable of his enemy demons. In mythological descriptions, Indra's thunderbolt or vajra is shaped either like a circular discus with a hole at its center, or in the form of a cross with transverse bladed bars. The Rigveda, the most ancient text in the world, identifies the vajra as a notched metal club with a thousand prongs. What is significant is that all these descriptions identify the vajra as having open prongs, unlike the Buddhist one, which has closed prongs. According to a Buddhist legend, Shakyamuni took the vajra weapon from Indra and forced its wrathful open prongs together, thus forming a peaceful Buddhist scepter with closed prongs. The Buddhist vajra hence absorbed the unbreakable and indestructible power of the thunderbolt."

This may have suggested the device that Klaatu showed the soldiers after he landed.
Watch "The Day The Earth Stood Still".

[Image: GDmoA6F.jpg]
[Image: HPW58G6.jpg]

the Tibetan object is more commonly called a Dorje,
but I think it is similar or the same as a Vajra.

Still waiting to find the Eye of Agamotto out in the jade creeks ... 
my favorite item in the 60's Dr Strange comic books,
I think I was in the fifth grade.

[Image: 96684777d4f76fd2c02549503447cada.jpg]

Tenth grade graduated to Velikovsky and Lilly.

Then it devolved to Yoda and Luke in Star Wars puke and fake aliens.
Eternity and Dormammu,
in the old Dr Strange comics were more tangibly real than Yoda or baby Yoda.

2020 and we have fractals to play with.
Your pentagonal art two post back is excellent.
I grabbed a previous image and hope to do a reconstruction soon.
I have been self swamped in a geometry code exercise.
When that happens, I kind of get distracted from most everything else.
I also don't shave when I am in the intense part of the exercise,
looking pretty scruffy, maybe even scary.
but I did get away today for some time in the creeks looking for the Eye of Agamotto. ... Nonono
I have a jade hunting truck.
It is a piece of shit.
But it gets me there and back.
Nobody fucks with my truck when it is parked out there on the logging road.
too spooky looking all beat up and dirty ... it is a rolling man cave ...
Never gets broken into.
Nobody wants to get cooties.
I call it my ... Zombie Apocalypse Home Repair Psycho Hell Truck. Rofl 
It goes to Home Depot far too often,
for too much home repair shit.
So that is what I have been up to, busy again.
That should change though, the math exercise should wrap up, and then I can go shave.

I saw a dorje being used in a Tibetan sand painting,
seemingly as a smudging tool as in oil pastels.
Pixels are like grains of sand...... Mellow

[Image: Fs7ug63.jpg]
I managed to get one almost 100% done, but had to just stop ...
This one was a lot of image manipulation in many steps to build up a replicating grid to splice together.
Interestingly, my image was a perfect hair just under my maximum 6500 x 6500 pixel image capacity.
Imgur reduces the size to 4500 x 4500.
Hexagonal geometry

be sure to zoom in at high magnification!

[Image: ap04Kpe.jpg]

Great arabesque design!

[Image: 4UYtwEp.jpg]

[Image: JT1CAD8.jpg]

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