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When were these pictures taken Gforce? and do recall the temperature at the times?

The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men
Hey Steve, as you know Calgary has been getin some whacky weather this year, these photos were taken only a couple monthes ago, with the last big dump we got.
Was about -5'C i believe at the time. -10 at the most.
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Hey Gforce you know Calgary has been getin some whacky weather this year...

Yes, very strange indeed! They're calling for rain/snow mixture Friday, which is not unusual. The fog we had was the strangest.

Chem/contrails usually don't hang around long because of the strong west winds we get. I always found it hard to study them.

Around 10 years ago, I worked at a rather large, world renowned aircraft maintenance facility. We had planes come in from all over the world and before these planes could come into the hanger, they had to be completely emptied of their fuel. I knew the guys in charge of this task and I had often asked them if they found anything in the fuel that shouldn't be there. Their reply was always the same - no, it was always as exectly as it should be. I came to the conclusion that if chemtrails, and all that they entail, were true, then there source would have to be something other than the fuel.

BTW, my lady friend and I were up in your neck of the woods a number of times during the winter - the produce market just down the road from you.

Someday, we should meet for Timmies.

The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men
Hey Steve, that sounds like a good idea. Im just down the road from the produce market, (as you can see in the pics).
I'll most deff get back to you on that, i need my daily timmies, the crap at work just doesn't cut it. lol..
As for the chemtrials, yea i do see alot of planes at times, (hence the airport, 20 minute drive from where i am) but there contrails evaporate within 10-15 seconds.
Though myself, i have no proof (of the actual chemicals released) there has been studies done from all walks of life, and the effects it has on our general population.
Some effects include,
Muscle or joint pain
Anger issues
Inability to concentrate/looping thoughts
Grinding teeth
Tight muscles
Sinus pain/swollen sinuses
Salty-metallic or chemical taste to the air
Ringing in the ears
Changes in eyesight/difficulty focusing
Upper respiratory infections
Heart pain
Shortness of breath/difficulty breathing
Dark circles under the eyes
Stomach pain
Frequent illnesses
Known chemical tests include water testing, soil, air, filter accumulation and more.
They have found
barium salts
mold spores
and other toxins.
Could this be a mere cowinkiedink with whats naturally in the air around us, ie, pollution, carbon emmisions, allergies, well yes probably.
But i find it very odd, how the "contrails" stay around for literally hours, even with very high winds at those elevations.

When i stayed in Holland for 1.5 years, the "spraying" was almost daily. (see above images page 1). B4's and afters. The "cross hatches" left in the sky, cannot be a mere coincidence.. that just doesnt happen.
Yes im no expert, but thats just my opinion.

They say, if you are not suffering any of the above illnesses, you may in the near future.

Who knows.. really. But then again nothing surprises me anymore, Nwo calling shots, governments blowing up there own buildings on pretexs to goto war, alien abductions, moon bases, mars anomalies, Al Gore vs 30k scientists who say Global warming is a hoax..etc etc etc...

Ya, coffee sounds good. /wave!
There's no huge, deep message in any of the songs. We recorded a few months of being human. <br /><br />R.i.p. Layne Staley
Quote:Ya, coffee sounds good.

Do you drive? - I don't.

I think the closest Tim's to to you is 17 Ave & 38 or 39 St SE. The closest one to me on 16 AVE & the NE corner of the Foothills Hospital.

Or, if you got the time, drop over for a visit and have some of Stevy's coffee - your choice.

PM me when you want to get together for coffee's.

The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men
I was reading something on sleep deprivation and then thought of this.
(The article)

All these symptoms listed are effects of sleep deprivation:
Anger issues(those who are sleep deprived have trouble forming a proper emotional response to things)
Inability to concentrate/looping thoughts
Frequent illnesses(people who get less sleep are more prone to infections)
Upper respiratory infections
Dark circles under the eyes

Grinding teeth, interesting this is mostly done at night unconciously and the effects are also on the list:
Headaches, jaw pain can also happen but its not listed
The cause of grinding is mostly unknown, but stress is hypothesized, someone with less sleep would definitly be stressed.

These can be attributed to something in the air:
Sinus pain/swollen sinuses
Salty-metallic or chemical taste to the air
Shortness of breath/difficulty breathing

In an extension to the air taste, perhaps some people are more sensitive and when they inevitably end up swallowing whats in the air(that becomes attached to mucus) they end up with:
Stomach pain

I dont know how these would be classified:
Ringing in the ears
Changes in eyesight/difficulty focusing
Heart pain
Tight muscles

The reason I thought of this is one day way back when(I actually mentioned it on this site) I think it happened here, and I can say for sure there were more people laying around that day sleeping, less traffic on the roads too, I was even a bit tired for some reason.
Then I thought of the American work ethic that says work work work making sleep problems all the more likely.
If you wish to manipulate a population, make them more seceptable to emotional reaction. While I havent read too much on this, I am kinda suprised I havent seen anything classifying most of the symptoms into one range.
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...Because even if there were no artifacts anywhere, not studying things of interest is an extreme disservice to science. -Tarius
This is a good intro video to chemtrails, it is a little over an hour long:
Congressmen Exposing Secret Army Program of Spraying Radioactive Chemicals Over US Cities

According to Army records, thousands of innocent Americans were subjected to poisonous chemicals through open-air spraying, ingestion and injection.
Rachel Blevins
October 7, 2017

The idea that the United States government purposefully sprayed, injected and fed hazardous chemicals to countless Americans during the Cold War is one “crazy conspiracy theory” that has significant evidence behind it, and three members of Congress are finally demanding answers.
Democratic Congressmen William Lacy Clay of Missouri, Brad Sherman of California and Jim Cooper of Tennessee all represent areas where Army records reveal that the U.S. government conducted secret testing of zinc cadmium sulfide that included radioactive materials on vulnerable and poor populations.
The revelations—which included information about victims in the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada—were recently brought to light by author and professor Lisa Martino-Taylor in her book, “Behind the Fog: How the US Cold War Radiological Weapons Program Exposed Innocent Americans.”
Martino-Taylor said she began researching the health effects of radioactive materials and tests on vulnerable populations without consent in St. Louis for her doctoral dissertation at the University of Missouri-Columbia. When she presented a colloquium on the preliminary research findings in September 2012, she said she was shocked by the attention it received.

Quote:“Many people from St. Louis and around the world were interested and concerned about the covert military studies that were the subject of my research,” Martino-Taylor said. “Now, five years later, I continue to receive inquiries. Behind the Fog is the result of five years of additional research that presents new findings, greater context, and additional evidence as to how the US military exposed vulnerable populations to radiation and other harmful chemicals during covert testing to develop radiological weapons.”
Martino-Taylor told the Associated Press that her research was based on Freedom of Information Act requests that were used to obtain previously unreleased documents and Army records, along with public records and published articles. She said she discovered that a small group of researchers “worked to develop radiological weapons and later ‘combination weapons’ using radioactive materials along with chemical or biological weapons.”
“They targeted the most vulnerable in society in most cases,” Martino-Taylor said. “They targeted children. They targeted pregnant women in Nashville. People who were ill in hospitals. They targeted wards of the state. And they targeted minority populations.”
When fields in St. Louis were sprayed with chemicals that included radioactive materials in the 1950s, Mary Helen Brindell, who is now 73, told the AP that she was aware of a squadron of green planes flying low overhead while she was playing a baseball game with friends, and covering them all in “a fine powdery substance that stuck to skin.”
Since then, Brindell said she has suffered from “breast, thyroid, skin and uterine cancers,” and her sister died of a rare form of esophageal cancer. “I just want an explanation from the government. Why would you do that to people?” she said.

The 2012 dissertation from Martino-Taylor’s research generated so much attention that the Army launched an internal investigation and—not surprisingly—concluded that they had done nothing wrong, and no one’s health was at risk.
Martino-Taylor told the AP that the offensive radiological weapons program was “a top priority for the government,” and they tested it on unknowing people at places across the U.S. as well as parts of England and Canada were subjected to potentially deadly material through open-air spraying, ingestion and injection.”
The testing included a variety of victims—from thousands of poor, pregnant women in Nashville, Chicago and San Francisco, who were unknowingly given a mixture that included radioactive iron on their first pre-natal visit, to thousands of students who were subjected to “radiation fields” that were created at various high schools and universities in California.

In response, a spokesperson for Congressman Cooper’s office told the AP that it is seeking more information from the Army Legislative Liaison. “We are asking for details on the Pentagon’s role, along with any cooperation by research institutions and other organizations. These revelations are shocking, disturbing and painful,” he said.
Congressman Sherman said he is seeking additional information from the Department of Energy, and he wants a survey of people who graduated from the schools using the radiation field testing to see if they had suffered from illnesses such as cancer.
Congressman Clay told the AP that he is reaching out to the House Armed Services Committee and demanding “the whole truth about this testing,” and why Americans were used as “guinea pigs” for research.

The idea that the United States government would carry out testing on innocent Americans, without their knowledge, that would negatively impact them for the rest of their lives, is sinister, horrific and infuriating. But because there is significant evidence that it did occur, it serves as a reminder of the importance of raising awareness and demanding justice for all of the victims whose lives were impacted as a result.

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