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All the ones in the news are related somehow
Quote:[quote author="Samurai Jane"]The twit of a writer sounds like she's complaining because Doris Day isn't the same Doris Day in 2008 as she was in 1964.

Maybe because she isn't the same person?

That's exactly what I doubles, no substitutes nor doppelgangers...just the fact that nobody is the exact same person that they were 40 years ago, or 4 years ago. That stupid writer seemed like she was insulted because Doris Day turned into an old crone.
Samurai Rofl

I thought everyone was pissed off about women getting old?!

I know it offended my ex-husband <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/muaha.gif" alt="Muaha" title="muaha" />
<img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/rofl.gif" alt="Rofl" title="rofl" />
QO, I guess that could be true unless you are an old woman. Old beats the hell out of the alternative. And besides, you have such independence. You can say and do most anything you want to do because you've attained She-curmudgeonhood.

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