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The Reason Modern Medications Kill, Maim, and Torture.
Quote:Doc accused of Nazi clinic atrocities dies
Updated: 2005-12-23 09:50

Dr. Heinrich Gross, a psychiatrist who worked at a clinic where the Nazis killed and conducted cruel experiments on thousands of children, died Dec. 15, his family announced Thursday. He was 90.

Gross, who was implicated in nine deaths as part of a Nazi plot to eliminate "worthless lives," had escaped trial in March after a court ruled he suffered from severe dementia. No cause of death was given in a brief statement issued by his family.

Gross was a leading doctor in Vienna's infamous Am Spiegelgrund clinic. Historians and survivors of the clinic had accused him of killing or taking part in the clinic's experiments on thousands of children deemed by the Nazis to be physically, mentally or otherwise unfit for Adolf Hitler's vision of a perfect world.

Gross, who proclaimed his innocence for decades, had insisted he was not present at the hospital at the time in the 1940s when most of the children were killed.

"I was always against euthanasia," he told the weekly magazine News in 2000. "I never sped up anyone's death, nor did I assign anyone to do so."

Nazi-era doctor Heinrich Gross, who was accused of killing children is seen during an interview in this June 15, 1999 file photo.[AP/file]
He became a prominent neurologist after the war and was awarded the prestigious Austrian Honorary Cross for Science and Art in 1975. He was stripped of the medal in 2003.

He was put on trial three times, but all the cases were dismissed. In a trial in the 1950s, the case was thrown out because of legal technicalities. A second case in the 1980s was dismissed because the 30-year statute of limitations on manslaughter had expired.

A third trial in 2000, in which Gross was accused of complicity in the murder of nine handicapped children who died as the result of abuse, was suspended after a psychiatrist testified he was unfit for trial because of advanced dementia.

Immediately after the suspension, Gross gave lively interviews in a local coffeehouse.

Across Europe, 75,000 people, including 5,000 children, were killed by the Nazis for real or imagined mental, physical or social disabilities.

Hundreds of urns containing the remains of young Austrians were buried quietly in 2002 after having been used for medical research as recently as 1978.

In September, a new play about the Spiegelgrund clinic made its debut in Vienna, underscoring how far the country has come in confronting its World War II past.

It portrays Gross as an evil Nazi scientist who views his patients only as research objects. Bone-chilling laughter hangs omnipresent over the stage during the production, which shows children confined in straitjackets, held in tiny cage beds and force-fed medication through funnels.

During a trial in 1998, German historian Mathias Dahl said his research showed that Gross published five articles between 1955 and 1965 based on research using the preserved brains of children killed because they were deemed handicapped or anti-social.

Six other articles published by him also likely used the same specimens, Dahl said.

You see why the Psychiatrist might have protected him ?

He was publishing research BASED on the atrocities carried out in WW2. Research that Psychiatrist had probably studied at college. Could This guy have been some kind of hero to the Psychiatrist ?

This is why these medications (anti depressants, anti psychotics, and drugs like cholesterol reducing drugs) are SO flawed. They are based on research so incredibly flawed that it produces medications riddled with death causing effects.

These are not "side effects". One of the "side effects" of anti depressants is an increased risk of suicide !

One of the "side effects" of cholesterol reducing drugs is heart problems.

What about Ernst Rüdin ? A NAZI Psychiatrist whose psychiatric medicine is closely tied to the "Final Solution" ?

But I don't want to make the problem purely a NAZI one !

Take the book "War Against The Weak" by Edwin Black....

Quote:The plans of Adolf Hitler and the German Nazis to create a Nordic "master race" are often looked upon as a horrific but fairly isolated effort. Less notice has historically been given to the American eugenics movement of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Although their methods were less violent, the methodology and rationale which the American eugenicists employed, as catalogued in Edwin Black's Against the Weak, were chilling nonetheless and, in fact, influential in the mindset of Hitler himself. Funded and supported by several well-known wealthy donors, including the Rockefeller and Carnegie families and Alexander Graham Bell, the eugenicists believed that the physically impaired and "feeble-minded" should be subject to forced sterilization in order to create a stronger species and incur less social spending. These "defective" humans generally ended up being poorer folks who were sometimes categorized as such after shockingly arbitrary or capricious means ! such as failing a quiz related to pop culture by not knowing where the Pierce Arrow was manufactured. The list of groups and agencies conducting eugenics research was long, from the U.S. Army and the Departments of Labor and Agriculture to organizations with names like the "American Breeders Association." Black's detailed research into the history of the American eugenics movement is admirably extensive, but it is in the association between the beliefs of some members of the American aristocracy and Hitler that the book becomes most chilling. Black goes on to trace the evolution of eugenic thinking as it evolves into what is now called genetics. And while modern thinkers have thankfully discarded the pseudo-science of eugenics, such controversial modern issues as human cloning make one wonder how our own era will be remembered a hundred years hence.

Some postulate a huge worldwide conspiracy involving Aliens and Area 51, but I wonder if they're being mostrous idiots!

There is a well known and DOCUMENTED "conspiracy" involving investment by the big financial institutions in the systematic eradication of those who would fight them or they regard as "unfit".

It started with knocking off Hill Billies in the back woods because they were a "den of thieves", or produced "defective children". This was BEFORE WW2 ! Today we are supposed to have dumped Eugenics, but the sad truth is that it lives on in the Pharmaceutical and Psychiatric industries.

Many are aware of the situation. But the truth needs to spread further. Many are taught to comatise themselves in a amniotic fluid of daily TV, media lies, and just plain denial. While their friends are medicated to death around them!

Now the cop out is that dread word "ignorance". But I disagree! I think if everyone were honest with themselves a dawning horror of how the situation really is would spring forth in their minds. I have heard Michael Moore say that "everyone knows" that the Pharmaceutical companies are corrupt. I don't think this is wishful thinking on his part. I think we live in a world of convenient "pass the parcel" thinking where people daily mumble the mantra that "medications are helping people".

Why ? Maybe it's because they realise that sooner or later we are going to have to do the messy business of taking down the Pharma companies, hopefully using the law.

But I really fear about the timescale we're working on here. Daily we have the most disgusting human rights abuses being carried out on people by these medications, forcing them into years of pain and sufferring. How long is it before some of these people start organing. Buying weapons ? If justice is not carried forward soon then they may be within their rights to defend themselves if the authorities are drugging their children to death. It's a form of chemical warfare ! And I don't think I'm being over the top saying that.

Things really are'nt OK. And I refuse to be told that they are anymore! Break the silence !

DJ Barney

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