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Does ANYONE have a clue???
I sure don't......
There's two sliders on the right edge, the outer bar-shaped one is for magnifying/zooming and the inner vertical one is for up/down . What there is not is that very useful pixel reference box which gave an exact reference for the cursor, like IAS Viewer had. Of course that made it so much easier for anyone finding an anomaly to communicate it's exact location to other tinfoil hat woowoo commies - which might explain why IAS Viewer seems to be unavailable now.
Remember how Clementine Lunar Image Browser 1.5 got 'retired' by NASA not long after people started noticing things in it? Hmm2 Whistle
OK...I'm getting the hang of it......
IAS Viewer is still unaccountably unavailable.
I might be blind but I can't see how to drag the main view window around (ie NOT using the navigator).
Me neither, but I found the location finder so it will give specific references. Now if only I can find that HiRise Candor Chasm pic .

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