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We Never Forgot About Mars
Hi folks, long time etc.
I don't scour the web for anomalies as diligently as I once did but this was posted on another forum without anyone noticing anything strange in it.
It's the latest Curiosity panorama, at 1.37 there is a cliff in front of the camera with several shiny metallic artificial-as-fuck features in it. Even more artificial is the grey object just below the almost buried 'patch' of 'metal', it's got 2 inverted V shapes, shown up all the more because they are in colour.

Nice to see you again man!

oddly enough, I went to the video, then clicked off the ads ... then ...
the video advanced me straight to 1:37 in the video,
like  you suggested the time frame to look for!
twice in a row!
How wierd.

In any case it is called the Greenhough Pediment {that location}

I took a snapshot and tried to enhance it a bit for people to see.
I will think about the visuals for a while in relation to your observations.
But thus far this is the image enhanced,
and I bet Keith has something far better.

Did I get the correct location?

[Image: n8qSa37.jpg]

Hi Vianova,
Yes that's the right place, and that video reaction you got is real ghost in the machine stuff!
I suspect the tinfoil hatters and the SecureTeam types have lost interest in Curiosity by now, which is a pity because this is a doozy. Up to now the silvery/metallic objects it has found have been rings, or that thing which looked like a gear stick, but this is something big.
The long strip of metal above that large 'patch' of it has two details in it which are near identical, as if they are components of something.
That inverted V thing at the bottom is just utterly incontrovertibly artificial, one of the most glaring anomalies NASA has ever failed to notice.
you should go to the internet  -- gigapan site -- and do a search on -- Keith Laney -- gigapans.
he is also on facebook as
keith laney
and posts a lot of his gigapans there.

unfortunately the site search is worthless, sorry for the suggestion ...
I have pretty much given up on the site,
due to it's useless search
but Keith is there with maybe a hundred gigapans of Mars sites

I think you have log in with a password for search to work ... 

here is one link he posted recently -- Murray buttes

keith also has a site on FB -- lunar anomalies and planetary oddities, 
where he has posted lots of gigapans

as you browse through the gigapans of his,
especially now that he is using AI to enhance the quality,
you will see lots of sites on Mars with the exact same criteria you are pointing to.

be sure to review the last post for links
but this should be the direct link to Keith Laney gigapans of Mars and the Moon,
the most fantastic collection of visual imagery of Mars available on the internet

let me know if it does not work

The link works and thanks for that Vianova, enough there to keep me busy for a while although I expect Keith would have found anything interesting.

couple of good ones from recent work by Keith

Apollo 16 -- Sharonov crater -- 8.94 billion pixels

and or if that link does not work

spirit rover --- cool stuff !
Home Plate 2

found these in the spirit rover  image,
top one looks rounded and organic like or water sculpted smooth

[Image: riqP8Px.jpg]


Keith's youtube video is just fucking awesome.
D & M

Did NASA/JPL/ & MSSS get infected by Covid19 to NOT release MAY "Special Releases" ?
Or did the Killer Hornets from CHINA get them?


Bob... Ninja Assimilated
"The Morning Light, No sensation to compare to this, suspended animation, state of bliss, I keep my eyes on the circling sky, tongue tied and twisted just and Earth Bound Martian I" Learning to Fly Pink Floyd [Video:]

I ran across some rather profound images out of Utah, Emery County.

Rather psychedelic in the shaman zone ancient native Indian peyote trip ...

There is just something more to these geologic features.
Not artificial something ... 
These rocks have been witnessed at a higher level of consciousness in their history.
Maybe I was there 10,000 years ago high on shaman powder.
But this unusual and fascinating geology gives the viewer the same intense high,
that similar Mars landscapes do.

Not very good quality images, but there is a front and back side image.
There is also a link to more images -- lots --- of this area.
hope the link  works ...

[Image: t7w7H83.jpg]

[Image: nAbupCI.jpg]


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