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Estonia catastrophe

[Image: 3251estonia3.jpg]

Estonia, the passenger ferry that sank while crossing the Baltic Sea to Stockholm on September 28, 1994 was a well-known joint venture operating between Sweden and Estonia. Naturally, most of the 852 people who perished in the bone-chilling water that night were Swedes or Estonians. In Germany, a recently published book on the sinking points to covert U.S.-Russian joint ventures, engaged in transferring Soviet space technology to the West, being behind the sinking.

The book, Die Estonia, written by Jutta Rabe and published by Delius Klasing, contains the first comprehensive minute-by-minute reconstruction of the disaster bringing together eyewitness testimony, video evidence, and official documents. Rabe, a German TV-journalist, has been actively investigating the Estonia catastrophe since the day of the sinking when she flew to Finland to interview survivors plucked from the sea.

The evidence Rabe presents suggests that on its final crossing, Estonia carried extremely sensitive cargo quite unlike the usual contraband of illicit drugs and smuggled humans. Deep in the ship’s hold, loaded on trucks headed for the West was the fruit of decades of Soviet scientific research and development in space technology.

Were Key Survivors from Estonia Catastrophe Kidnapped?

The recent revelations of "enforced disappearances" of two Egyptian "terror suspects" carried out in Sweden in 2001 may shed light on the fate of nine missing survivors from the Estonia catastrophe of 1994.

Last week, in an article entitled "Ghost Planes" Make Suspects Disappear, I reported that a U.S. registered Gulfstream 5 executive jet played a role in the "extraordinary rendition" or “enforced disappearance” of two Egyptian "terror suspects" from Sweden in 2001.

As reported, there is evidence that a similar abduction may have occurred in Sweden in the days following the Estonia ferry disaster of late September 1994.
I must of missed this at the time
Think I was lost in a Cabin
high in the Rockies
Never invite a Yoda to a frog leg dinner.
Go ahead invite Yoda to a Frog leg dinner
Happened ... almost 20 years ago ,,, and secrets still lie on the bottom of the sea

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