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Princess Di's death, new information

Not exactly the cutting edge of quality British journalism but the BBC News ran the story. It seems it might have been the SAS that killed her and Dodi al Fayed.

Now the Independent too. This is potential shit hitting the fan stuff.
If this is true, it has major consequences. The SAS cannot act without orders, they would have had to have received them from high up, so, the orders, if they were given, would have at least have involved the Government of the day, but I would guess it would also mean that the Royal Family are involved as well.

One of the rumours I heard back when Diana was killed, was that she was pregnant, and was killed as they didn´t want the stepbrother of the next King to be a Muslim. As you said, the sticky stuff is going to hit the fan here.
I guess this may turnout to be another conspiracy theory that turned out to be true. Naa, the powers that be will bury this so deep that the truth will never see the light of day.
The obvious next step for the police would be to interview the sniper who allegedly made the claim, and all he has to do is deny it and they have nothing else to proceed on.
The SAS are known to have been trying to plant a car bomb in Baghdad, led Loyalist paramilitaries on cross-border bank robberies and assassinations in Northern Ireland and are even suspected of killing the Rudolf Hess impostor in Spandau prison in Berlin, but none of that came to light from inside information. It could all go no further than this.
What is SAS? The CIA English?
Seek and ye shall find. JESUS
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The Special Air Service. Mostly ex-paratroopers specialising in behind enemy lines operations and anti-terrorist and security stuff, sometimes in plain clothes.
I wouldn´t say mostly Paratroopers, mostly Infrantry Soldiers, with a very large proportion of Scots.
Quote:with a very large proportion of Scots.

Yep, might as well be called Scottish Air Service.

Some sinister revelations concerning Sniper N and the SAS.

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