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FEMA and MEMA are extreemely active in Baltimore Co, MD
FEMA - Federal Emergency (mis)Management Agency
MEMA - Maryland Emergency (mis)Mangement Agency (who knew they had one)

My mother still lives there.

She called me last night, worried. She is seeing them everywhere, personnel and equipment transfers galore. She lives in NW Baltimore county near a fairly sizable "national guard" base and right near the rail tracks that serve it.

"I haven't seen anything remotely like this since the first gulf war."

I have no idea why FEMA region 3 is so active except for drills, any information would be appreciated.
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Quote:World History: The Final Chapter
2013: October/November/December :2013
4th Quarter

September 30, 2013
The End Game

What does the U.S. Federal Government, NASA, the Vatican of Rome, and the NSA know that we don’t know?

1. The NSA

Why does the U.S. Federal Government appear to be gearing up for some ‘unspecified event’ to occur between October/November/December 2013? Why are they so concerned, obsessed, pre-occupied, and paranoid about the occurrence of a ‘negative impact’ on the North American Infrastructure of the U.S. Electrical Power Grid?

2. The U.S Government

Are FEMA Region III preparations, the GRID-Ex II Simulation Exercise, and the impact of meteors/fireballs preceding Comet Ison’s arrival somehow related? What was the purpose of the ‘nuclear weapons’ transfer to and from South Carolina? Why was it the goal of the NSA to have the Utah Data Center's Global Surveillance Network online and fully operational by September 2013?

3. The Vatican

Why does the Vatican have an astronomical telescope? What are they looking for at their observatory? Why is the telescope/observatory code named: Project Lucifer? What have they observed about the highly anticipated Magnetic Field Reversal of ‘The Sun?’

4. NASA Space Agency

Is NASA aware of a ‘planetary perturber’ that may be having an effect on our solar system?’ Is the possible presence of such a planetary body directly related to the increase in seismic activity such as sinkholes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and mass animal and marine life die-offs? If the ‘perturber’ exists, is its’ ‘gravitational presence’ directly responsible for the increase in Comet, Meteor and Fireball sightings that we are witnessing worldwide?
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If they are running a drill, watch out. Seems they have the lucky coincidence of running drills the same time as a terror attack takes place.
There is also the fact that perhaps they expect that when the US defaults, people might take to the streets and come to the capitol.
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I got a friend from Puerto Rico and it is saying the same thing, weird stuff going on there as well.
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Interesting use for FEMA camps:
Sep 19 2014
Quote:We all know the FEMA camps are real, yet the camps are sitting empty because the NWO/Agenda 21 crowd has concluded the American people are too well armed to take by force. But what if they avoid force by instead using a false flag disease with a huge mortality rate to provide plausible grounds for freedom loving patriots vanishing? Would that work to cull the herd without creating a raging stampede?

Could this "outbreak" really be a ruse to provide plausible cover for the murder of millions if not billions of people the NSA has already profiled as being not desirable in the New World Order? The lack of photographic proof of any outbreak strongly suggests this may be the case.

Here is the Scenario:
The NSA provides a profiled list of who lives and who dies to people who will go door to door vaccinating and evacuating people under the ploy of "Ebola". When these people come to your door, they make the decision who lives and dies right then and there. If you refuse a shot, off to the camps you go where you will "die from Ebola," and there will be no witnesses to say otherwise. If you are stupid and agree to the shot, and have been profiled as a patriot, your particular shot will be formulated to kill or destroy you.
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lol, no jew in the oven syndrome here....  come at me with anything such like and I will die killing you,
so will my entire family. Sorry but not gonna happen to immortals who aren't scared to lay it down to prove it.

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