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Next President of the United Fates of America

yea ... too busy to follow up on the political  Horsepoop

I do get tired of Trump shooting himself in the foot with stupid tweets. 
That is disappointing.
Tweeting about Yovanovitch while she is testifying at the impeachment hearings was stupid.

Yes, the entire charade of the impeachment vomit is completely ridiculous and pitiful.
The impeachment circus of Democratic dickheads like Swalwell and Schiff,
is beyond disgrace and epitomizes -- Limbo Politics,
how low can you go?

The impeachment pantomime wretched itself on to the American public,
choking out the Dementocratic debate stage on national TV,
as the public responded,
by --- not watching the debate.

I didn't even know <---- that the debate was happening,
until it was over!
Probably because it was on MSNBC -- a whore house of retarded progressive liberals.
They are even worse than CNN.

So national political fatigue syndrome besets the American public into ... dragmosis.
The Dementocratic party has shot itself in the head with the impeachment dragmosis.

So to sum up the entire last few weeks,
this news article takes the cake.

MSNBC Dementocratic debate ratings cut in half Rofl since September debate

The November Democratic presidential debate,
had the smallest audience of the election cycle, 
which was half the size of the most-watched debate.

6.5 million people tuned in for Wednesday night's debate on MSNBC, 
according to early Nielsen Media Research. 
The key 25-54 age demographic comprised 1.6 million of those viewers. 
Comparatively, October's Democratic debate, 
which also was one night but had twelve candidates, 
reached an audience of slightly more than 8.1 million viewers.

Thursday's debate, 
which took place the same day Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland,
testified publicly in the House impeachment investigation, 
had approximately half the audience of September's debate. 
That debate, 
which was aired on ABC News, 
had 12.9 million viewers with 3.5 million in the key demo. 

The debate on Thursday featured ten candidates,
and was moderated by Andrea Mitchell, Ashley Parker, Rachel Maddow, and Kristen Welker. 
The next debate is scheduled to take place on Dec. 19 
at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. 
It is being put on by PBS NewsHour and Politico.

To date, six candidates have qualified for the next debate. 

They are: 
former Vice President Joe  Pennywise Biden, 

South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete  Sheep   Buttigieg, 

California Sen. Kamala  Tp   Harris, 

Minnesota Sen. Amy Wall  Klobuchar, 

Vermont Sen. Bernie Bricks Sanders, 

and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Scream Warren.

A hell bound train of fools.

Adam Schiff
The Train of Fools

[Image: gettyimages-1187438958.jpg?itok=JuaItioI]
[Image: colinepisode203_trainoffools.jpg?w=690]

Fucking Captain Maniac -- Adam Schiff -- and the Dementocratic Train of Fools

I watched the Demagogue Debate  on YouTube.
They were almost self-caricaturizing ...
as ridiculous as the SNL version.

I live here in Bellingham Washington,
the city of the Snowflake Queens.

These are professional women 35-55 that are progressive liberals.

They walk around with a big balloon that has a smiley face on it.
Under the smiley face,
there is a caption that states,
"I am a supremely confident woman of very high esteem,
and I am politically correct about everything,
because that is the right thing to do."

Well, all you have to do is bring along a little needle pin,
and with one sentence of common sense disagreement,
and you easily pop their balloon on the spot.

Then they act enraged and shocked,
while totally ego flattened and mentally cluster fucked,
and start screaming over any further discussion,
and attempt to do anything to make you the Evil One,
and they try to will ruin your life,
if they can get away with it. 

I see old female friends here ... they sit on Facebook all day,
trying to post repetitive fake news and fake bullshit,
on the evil Trump supporters. 
All day long.

Point out to them that the news they just posted was obviously fake and false,
the thing they are the most concerned about is looking bad on FB, 
when they get caught posting lies.

These sick females are convinced that it doesn't matter if the Fake News is all lies.
They believe that whatever it takes, 
lies, deceit, dishonesty, stupidity, evil intent,
is just fine,
as long as it promotes the progressive liberal politics,
and removes Trump from office.

It is the lies and deceit that is so bad.

This brings us to --- Climate Change Whip

here you go -- all you progressive liberal monkey tards,
read the reality:
“My Gift To Climate Alarmists.”

Quote:Once in a while environmentalists reveal their true agenda. 
Ottmar Edenhofer, 
lead author of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s 
fourth summary report released in 2007, 
speaking in 2010 advised: 
“One has to free oneself from the illusion, 
that international climate policy is environmental policy. 
Instead, climate change policy is about how we redistribute de facto the world’s wealth.”

United Nations climate chief Christiana Figueres 
said that the true aim of the U.N.’s 2014 Paris climate conference was:
“to change the (capitalist) economic development model,
that has been reigning for at least 150 years, 
since the Industrial Revolution.”

Christine Stewart, 
Canada’s former minister of the environment, said: 
“No matter if the science is all phony, 
there are collateral environmental benefits. … 
Climate change [provides] the greatest chance to bring about justice and equality in the world.”

Tim Wirth, 

former U.S. undersecretary of state for global affairs,
and the person most responsible for setting up the Kyoto Protocol, said: 
“We’ve got to ride the global warming issue. 
Even if the theory of global warming is wrong, 
we will be doing the right thing in terms of economic policy and environmental policy.”

The short video at the link is full of graphs to show how,
climate alarmists will lie, cheat, and do anything to promote:
their progressive liberal socialist agendas:

Quote:Environmentalists and their political allies,
attribute the recent increase in deadly forest fires to global warming. 
However, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Forest Service, 
forest fires reached their peak in the 1930s 
and have declined by 80% since then.

Environmentalists hide the earlier data 
and make their case for the effects of global warming,
by showing the public and policymakers data,
from 1980 that shows an increase in forest fires.

Climate scientists claim that rising sea levels

 are caused by man-made global warming. 
Historical data from the tide gauge in Lower Manhattan 
shows that sea levels have been rising from about the time when Abraham Lincoln was president to now.

The Snowflake Queens of American west coast progressive liberalism.
They want to run America,
and empty your pocketbook.
They will eventually force you to take in ... "climate refugees" into your homes.
They will turn all your cities into:
of street migrants and homeless people that shit and piss everywhere.
they want your car, and to put you on a bicycle permanently.
They want to jail you,
for freedom of speech.
Toxic Feminism = progressive liberal Snowflake Queens.

Happy  Hi Thanksgiving!

Just eat turkey, and don't talk politics with the live turkeys at the dinner table.


Let's see this misguided and sick young hag monster tell Angela Merkel,
and the rest of Europe to stop importing Russian natural gas,
to heat their homes during the winter. 

Then after Merkel kisses and then dismisses her stupid ass,
the little Snowflake princess will stab Merkel in the back,
with her S.ocialist S.ickness youth dagger,
and laugh about it,
then say,
"I'm in charge now"

[Image: cartoon-climate-kids-indoctrination.jpg?w=584]

Adam Schiff -- sicko sucko socio patho fuck Whip

[Image: adam-schiff-devil.jpg?w=980]

the devil has bad breath

[Image: 3dks38.jpg]

America is getting tired of the Demento-cratic puke show ... The sicko-sucko-psycho-farce Whip

The Jerry Nadler Creep Show
the Jerry Nadler Freak Show

[Image: ePdHi8T.jpg]

Mondo Disgusto

Jerry Freak Show Nadler  --- this is why the Socialists are on the rise.
AOC and the Goon  Sheep Squad
want to get rid of Schiff, Nadler, and Pelosi,
and all the moderate Democrats,
and they are likely to accomplish that,
with sick fucks like Schiff and Nadler and the never ending Freak Show,
of the Do-Nothing Democrats.

Welcome to Limbo Politics.

How low can Adam Schiff go?
How low can Jerry Nadler's Creep Show go?

Today in Nadler's Judiciary Comittee impeachement hearing,
we saw a new low in Limbo Politics.

Stanford professor Pamela Snakeskin Snarky Karlan,
well documented as a deranged Trump hater,
attacked the president's son, Baron.
Harvard professor Noah Feldman Avenatti Rofl
aka Dr. Strangelove Whip
another Trump hater on steroids, was equally disgusting.

[Image: ZAS3fym.jpg]

Feldman is a 21st century dick head progressive liberal loud mouth,
that wants to be,
a modern day Dr. Strangelove with a law degree ...
and another butt-chair pundit on CNN.
Images are right from todays impeachment hearing.

[Image: O0LVXN0.jpg]

Limbo Politics.
Let's take it down to the Adam Schiff level of ... how low can you go ...

[Image: L5d7cbg.jpg]

Limbo low lifes = Noah Feldman and Pamela Karlan -- working the garbage on TV for Jerry Creep Show Nadler 


After Trump wins 2020
the jackass party will have no choice...
but to play the siren song of abolishing the electoral college...
...that's what Warren is squawking about now, anyway.

State of the Union -- The Demento-crat Insanity

[Image: no-crime-dt-600a.jpg?w=584&ssl=1]

Maxine Waters lurks like a black zombie voodoo doll at Nadler's Freak Show.

[Image: i-1-maxine-watersand8217-side-eye-wins-d...ticles.jpg]

You people that are Democrats should be sick,
and embarrassed by Nadler's Creep Show.

[Image: Contemptible-Jerry-Nadler-600x412.jpg]

That is what Nadler does best,
he packs sand.

[Image: trump-nadler.jpg]

More of the same, the do nothing demento-crats

[Image: afb121018dAPR20181210034506.jpg]

Nadler, a loose cannon

[Image: Nadler-Democrats-Constitutional-Crisis-600x429.jpg]

Nadler the Jack ass

[Image: afb053119dAPR20190531014525.jpg]

House Demento-crats

[Image: 43dc2b1abe21347c9852ed029f197d6c.jpg]

AOC and her goon squad are just waiting for Bernie to die.
She doesn't "feel the Bern",
her support of Bernie is fake bullshit.
AOC wants ALL the old Democrats replaced.

[Image: 5621c44441351acb5d00a5dad9f4a9440bfae85c...uto=format]

do you "feel the Bern" ?

[Image: DkRRYsVW4AEnCfB.jpg]

[Image: 49244953593_f801556c3b_b.jpg]

Quote:[url=]Top-Hats and Dunce Caps...Honestly, Of Whom am I Thinkin' ? 


6 minutes ago


Pin the tale on The Don key. Smilies-21813
Along the vines of the Vineyard.
With a forked tongue the snake singsss...

Iranian Major-General Qassem Soleimani, head of the Quds Force Atombomb
The only good Ghoul ... is a dead Ghoul.
I have been talking about war with Iran for awhile now.

Torching an Iranian general in Iraq ... 
General Terd-ghoul on the right thought he could act with impunity.

[Image: khamsrallamani-e1569711056798-640x400.jpg]

now let's get the other two in the above image as well -- send the Gray Wolf swarm in to Tehran

[Image: Gray_Wolf_AF-2_edit.jpg]
Lockheed Martin to build Gray Wolf cruise missile for USAF

Die mother fuckers -- FREE THE IRANIAN PEOPLE !

tired of seeing this Ghoul chant:
"Death To America" ?
[Image: iran-Ayatollah-Ali-Khamenei.jpg?w=678&ssl=1]

the Ayaghoulah Khameini can hide in his bunker and wave at the incoming martyrdom

[Image: jassm_hitstarget_1021.jpg]
The death of the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard's Qud Force 
was the result of a US "defensive action," Pentagon says

Soleimani -- the head of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Quds Force unit Whip

and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis Whip
the deputy head of the Iran-backed Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) -- 
were among those killed in the attack early Friday morning local time, 
according to a statement from the PMF, which said the pair "were martyred Rofl by an American strike."

All these ghouls need to die

[Image: merlin_166605342_bb1d07c1-25be-4a96-8815...ne3000.jpg]


Give this bitch a free first class jet ticket to Iran,
then send in the Gray Wolf swarm
Ilhan Omar Attacks Trump For Killing Top Iranian Terrorist, Promotes Conspiracy Theory

Omar tweeted: 
“So what if Trump wants war, 
knows this leads to war and needs the distraction? 
Real question is, 
will those with congressional authority step in and stop him? 
I know I will.”

[Image: V8brefH.jpg]

Death to the AyaGhoulah Khameini and the Iranian revolutionary Guard Whip
War with Iran is coming, the Iranians will do everything they can, 
to push this into a war.

General  Tp Soleimeni    Hi

The Democrat will tell you "We won't shed a tear over Soleimeni" But oh what a dandy bit to beat Trump over the head with.
Nothing better to impeach him over than killing an enemy combatant planning a strike to kill Americans....RIGHT?
You can bet they're trying to figure out how to twist that into play!

You can't blame Trump for not telling Congress. I wouldn't trust any Liberal Leftist in the house to not gum-up the works so the strike would have failed.
Sad to say, but the Democrats no longer serve the nation, but now it is all about the lust for all cost, the lust for power!

(12-03-2019, 02:36 PM)Vianova Wrote: ...

Let's see this misguided and sick young hag monster tell Angela Merkel,
and the rest of Europe to stop importing Russian natural gas,
to heat their homes during the winter. 

Then after Merkel kisses and then dismisses her stupid ass,
the little Snowflake princess will stab Merkel in the back,
with her S.ocialist S.ickness youth dagger,
and laugh about it,
then say,
"I'm in charge now"

[Image: cartoon-climate-kids-indoctrination.jpg?w=584]

Adam Schiff -- sicko sucko socio patho fuck Whip

[Image: adam-schiff-devil.jpg?w=980]

the devil has bad breath

[Image: 3dks38.jpg]

America is getting tired of the Demento-cratic puke show ... The sicko-sucko-psycho-farce Whip

The Jerry Nadler Creep Show
the Jerry Nadler Freak Show

[Image: ePdHi8T.jpg]

Mondo Disgusto

Jerry Freak Show Nadler  --- this is why the Socialists are on the rise.
AOC and the Goon  Sheep Squad
want to get rid of Schiff, Nadler, and Pelosi,
and all the moderate Democrats,
and they are likely to accomplish that,
with sick fucks like Schiff and Nadler and the never ending Freak Show,
of the Do-Nothing Democrats.
No Nadler,

You aren't having a heart attack. That's your belt buckle
So, the words Autumn and Fall are not to be capitalized?
They are in my world!

What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done; and there is nothing new under the sun.
Is there a thing of which it is said, "See, this is new?"It has been already, in the ages before us. Ecc 1: 9-10
EU has no balls...
Quote:"Mondo Disgusto" -Virgin Mary mother o' God.

Too funny!  Arrow Soleimani discovers location of his promised 72 soy-boys and testosteroid girls

[Image: 269801_image.jpg]
Along the vines of the Vineyard.
With a forked tongue the snake singsss...
Iranians chant ‘Death to America’ at Qassem Soleimani’s funeral

Quote:Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi Pimp
and militia commander Hadi al-Amiri,
a close Iran ally and the top candidate to succeed Muhandis,
attended the procession. <-----

“The broad participation in this procession
proves the public’s condemnation of America
and its allies for their human rights abuses whilst claiming to fight terrorism,”
said Ali al-Khatib,
a mourner in the Iraqi capital.
“The martyrs got the prize they wanted — the prize of martyrdom.”

Stampede kills dozens  martyrs  Pennywise  mourning Iranian general slain by U.S.

These video's may not be up for very long -- hard to say what twitter will do

Fucking morons trample each other to death in a pantomime of grief.
Check out the guy getting his heart pumped.

When the Iranian Ghouls start killing themselves in stampedes,
to kiss the coffin of Soleimani,
well that is a definitive sign of what is likely coming to all the Quds force supporters.

They should be happy ... more martyrs ... stampeded and killed by martyrs to be.

How many more virgins are waiting in heaven,
for the Quds?
Choreographed funeral crowds

Pumping the chest of a trampled martyr ... trampled by other martyrs ... his virgins are waiting,
don't deny him his reward in heaven.

[Image: PWnpg8W.jpg]

A fitting ending to a funeral of a Ghoul that has a special place in Hell.


To be clear:
when I talk about bombing the Ayatollah and taking out Iran,
I don't include troops on the ground in that scenario.
You bomb their military / industrial / corporate infrastructure into debris.
Their entire navy and air force and missile systems and nuke research facilites are toasted.
Ground troops will not be used in the war in Iran.

What we really need:
is for Iraq <---
to actually legislate into law that the US leave Iraq.
They need to be serious about asking us to leave.

What we really need:
is for Trump Smoke 
to just do that,
get the fuck out out of Iraq NOW!
All US forces can be restationed in other nearby bases to facilitate any necessary actions against Iran.

We need to get out of Iraq in particular. Syria is pretty much Russian now.
If Trump stays there too much longer,
he will regret it and wish he had pulled those troops.

Soleimani is responsible for the Iranian people killed on the Ukrainian airliner. 

Video appears to show missile hitting Ukrainian plane in Iran

I was going to come here a few days ago,
and simply predict that the Iranians shot down the Ukrainian jet.
Seemed obvious to me.
But then I wondered if that is just my general mindset against Iran to assume that.
So I waited to see what would develop.

This is the biggest development,
the Iranians  Pennywise   scrubbed the site <--- of all debris
they supposedly have given the Ukrainians the black box <---

Iranians vehemently deny the missile launch.
You can see the fucking jet explode in the sky in a ball of flames in the video.
Will it be the old "bomb on board" excuse?
Much more likely,
Iranian morons manning the missiles got trigger happy,
or forgot to turn off the auto launch switch.
I think that 80 Iranians were on board,
and are dead now.
Soleimani's legacy continues to kill his own people.

This CBS Live Update link <---
is pretty goood actually.
Quote:CBS News visited the crash site on Friday,
and found that it had already been scrubbed of virtually all debris.

"Reason" for crash to be announced tomorrow, Iran's news agency says
Iran's semi-official state media, Fars News Agency,
said Friday that the cause of the crash of a Ukrainian airliner outside Tehran on Wednesday,
will be released three days later, on Saturday.
Earlier on Friday,
an Iranian official said it could take "one or two years" to complete the investigation, Reuters reports.

"The reason for the collapse of the Ukrainian passenger plane will be announced tomorrow 
after a meeting of the Air Accidents Commission, 
attended by both domestic and foreign parties involved in the incident," 
reads a translated tweet from Fars.

Iranian officials leading the investigation into the crash,
have said they would allow representatives from the U.S., Canada, and France,
to join the crash assessment at a lab in Tehran.
Ukrainian officials said they have been given access to the flight's black box. 

Ukraine gains access to black box
Ukrainian Foreign Minister Vadym Prystaiko said at a press conference on Friday in Kiev,
that Iran has fully cooperated with their investigation,
and given them access to the plane's black box, the Agence France-Presse reports.

The plane crashed early Wednesday morning near Tehran's airport,
less than a week after the United States killed Iran's top general Qassem Soleimani in Baghdad.

Prystaiko also said that Ukrainian experts
have been given access to the plane's fragments  and the crash site.
The debris from the crash had all but disappeared by Friday morning,
when CBS News visited the site.

"We're analyzing the pieces of the body of the plane…
We are analyzing the chemical residues on the body of the plane," Prystaiko said.
"We will come to our conclusions.
We don't want to come to them right now."

"We have so many different versions of what could happen to the plane
that we will need some time to really understand and tell," he said.
"We have not even started to reconstruct the black box information yet.
This is the most vital piece of information."

Sec. Pompeo says missile was likely Iranian
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said during a press conference on Friday
that it is likely the Iranians are behind the plane that crashed early Wednesday morning
soon after takeoff from Tehran's airport, killing all 176 people on board.

"We do believe that it is likely that the plane was shot down by an Iranian missile," Pompeo said.
"We are going to let the investigation play out before we make a final determination.
It's important that we get to the bottom of it."

When asked what consequences Iran would face if it is determined they are behind the attack,
Pompeo said he is in communication with his Canadian counterpart and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

"They're working to get their resources on the ground to conduct that thorough investigation" he said.
"... And when we get the results of that investigation,
I am confident that we and the world will take appropriate actions in response."


Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin added that the Treasury will issue sanction waivers Hi
to anyone helping to facilitate the crash investigation.
Iran admited the mistake but Putin will never admit the shootdown of the MH17 over Ukraine... pathetic  Gangup
(01-11-2020, 05:26 AM)letosvet Wrote: Iran admited the mistake but Putin will never admit the shootdown of the MH17 over Ukraine... pathetic  Gangup

Maybe because Russia was NOT responsible for THAT downing.  Naughty It was Military jets from Kiev- the USA meddled with Kiev we have that on TAPE.

Bob... Ninja Assimilated
"The Morning Light, No sensation to compare to this, suspended animation, state of bliss, I keep my eyes on the circling sky, tongue tied and twisted just and Earth Bound Martian I" Learning to Fly Pink Floyd [Video:]
Malaysia Airlines’ flight MH17 was brought down on July 17 last year by an SA-11 Buk missile, fired from a 200-square mile area of Ukraine under the control of rebels loyal to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

And of course ... the Iranian Ghouls shot the jet liner down.
Protests across Iran over the government's denial and lies,
are now being cleared away by live ammunition.
Iran Opens Fire On Demonstrators. 
Protesters Chant: 
‘Our Enemy Is Right Here; They Lie To Us That It’s America’

Quote:The Iranian government opened fire with live ammunition 
against demonstrators who were protesting the Islamic regime 
for shooting down a Ukrainian passenger plane last week and lying about it for days.

Massive protests erupted across Iran over the weekend in at least a dozen cities, 
and Iran responded by firing tear gas, 
rubber bullets and eventually live ammunition to disperse demonstrators. 
The Times later noted that multiple people had been shot and that other protesters were beaten.

Unlike previous waves of opposition, 
some of the outrage this time has come from conservatives 
who ordinarily support the government, as well as from the usual critics, 
Headlines in hard-line newspaper demanded resignations, 
and the commander-in-chief of the Revolutionary Guards, 
Gen. Hossein Salami Rofl
issued a very rare public apology. … 
The editor in chief of the Revolutionary Guard’s Tasnim news agency, 
Kian Abdollahi, 
said that attempts by government officials to lie about what had happened,
were as great a ‘catastrophe’ as the crash itself.”

The Times noted that protesters chanted, 

“The supreme leader is a murderer; 
his regime is obsolete,” 
“Our enemy is right here, they lie to us that it’s America,” 
“They killed our geniuses and replaced them with clerics.”

The Russians supplied the missile,
that shot down the airlines,
to the moron Iranians who are loose cannons.


Quote:Iran admitted the mistake, 
but Putin Whip 
will never admit the shootdown of the MH17 over Ukraine.

Russia not only denied their missile downing MH17,
{which Russian supported rebels shot down}
they blame the Ukranians for it,
and now,
they even tried to get Iran to stage the same denial,
in the recent missile attack.
Russia to Iran: Don’t Admit Guilt—Blame the U.S. Instead

Quote:Shvytkin told Russian radio station Moscow Speaks,
that the Iranians should have blamed the United States for the incident. 
He said, 
“It was a missile strike provoked by the United States, 
that is, 
Iran’s retaliatory actions were unintentional.  

It’s necessary to condemn both the actions of the United States, 
and the actions of Iran regarding the downed plane. 
Within the framework of the events that took place, 
in the turmoil due to insufficient professional actions,
and hasty decisions regarding the guidance and launch of a missile, 
it is theoretically possible,
to allow this.”   Naughty

Russian senator Alexei Pushkov Pimp
echoed the same position, stating: 
“The United States carry their part of the responsibility for this tragedy,” 
arguing that America creates conditions leading to wars all over the world.

Pushkov also took a jab at Ukraine, 
claiming that whenever Ukraine calls Iran’s actions irresponsible, 
it should be reminded about not closing its airspace for the flight of the Malaysian Boeing MH17. 
The Russian senator disingenuously complained,
that Ukraine “is still not admitting its fault” 
for not closing the Ukrainian airspace,
“which is the reason for the crash of the Malaysian Boeing.”

In reality, Russia—not Ukraine—
was proven to be responsible for shooting down the passenger jet over Donbas,
killing all 298 on board.

Vladimir Dzhabarov, 
graduate of the FSB Academy, 
who serves as the first Deputy Chair of the International Affairs Committee, 
of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation, 
also laid the responsibility for the downing of the passenger airliner by Iran, 
on the United States of America, 
blaming the U.S. for 
“staging a provocation that led to human casualties” 
that started with the killing of Qassem Soleimani.

Before the Iranian government came clean about the tragedy, 

Kremlin propagandists, 
laid the groundwork of plausible deniability for their allies.

Appearing on news talk show 60 Minutes Rofl
produced by Russian state TV channel Rossiya-24, 
Dmitry Abzalov  Pennywise  President of the “Center for Strategic Communications,” 
dismissed any possibility 
that Iranian missiles could have shot down the Ukrainian airliner. 

He claimed that if any missile launches took place that night, 
photos and videos of those strikes
 “would have already been shown on CNN and Fox News.” 

Abzalov claimed that any accusations against Iran were:
“nothing more than a provocation” 
by the United States,
and the Iranian government’s willingness to turn over the “black boxes” to the Ukrainian authorities, 
represented further proof of Iran’s total innocence.

Some American critics of the U.S. administration have made similar arguments, 
claiming the shoot-down was the result of an artificial crisis,
created by President Donald Trump. 
But the Russians went much, much further.

In the run-up to Iran’s admission, 
Russian propagandists were looking to absolve the Iranians of any responsibility. 

Various theories aired by Kremlin-controlled Russian state television 
ranged from technological issues, 
to the possibility of a terrorist act. 

Russia’s Federal News Agency (RIA FAN) pushed the boundaries even further, 
promoting an outlandish conspiracy theory 
that an American drone shot down the passenger airliner. 

Korotchenko is an editor-in-chief of the National Defense magazine, 
founder and director 
of the Center for the Analysis of the World Arms Trade 
and a Member of the Public Council under the Russian Ministry of Defense. 
He falsely claimed;
that Russian Tor systems “simply don’t exist near the [Tehran] airport.” Rofl
 “There were no Tor systems in the area of the catastrophe,” 
he claimed, 
asserting that statements pinning the blame on the Iranians,
using Russian Tor systems,
represented “info-wars”  Tp   launched by the competitors of Russian arms dealers. 

no one knows more about info-wars than the Kremlin, 
whose tactics often include the dissemination of outlandish conspiracy theories. 

The Iranian government,
seemingly caught Russian propagandists off-guard  Hi by opting finally to tell the truth. 


Those Russians in that last article,
sounded just like the Demento-crats trying to blame Trump for the Iranian missile launch.
Despicable is what they are.

Quote:President Donald Trump warned Iran 
about attacking protesters on Sunday, tweeting, 
“To the leaders of Iran – DO NOT KILL YOUR PROTESTERS. 
Thousands have already been killed or imprisoned by you, and the World is watching. 
More importantly, the USA is watching. 
Turn your internet back on and let reporters roam free! 
Stop the killing of your great Iranian people!”
As Iran accepts blame for Ukrainian plane crash, Canada demands justice, answers

Quote:Hours after Iranian officials accepted blame for shooting down a Ukrainian passenger jet, 
Canada's prime minister called for justice for the families of the 176 people killed.

"Shooting down a civilian aircraft is horrific. 
Iran must take full responsibility," 
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said at a press conference Saturday. 
He called the crash, 
which killed 63 Canadians, 
a "senseless loss of life."

"Even in a moment of heightened tensions, 
this should never have happened," he said. 
"There are going to be many conversations and reflections on consequences."

In a phone call with Trudeau on Saturday, 
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani 
had committed to collaborate on the investigation, 
de-escalate tensions in the region, Nonono
and continue a dialogue, Trudeau said.

Aziz Asmar, 
one of two Syrian painters who completed a mural 
following the killing of Iranian Revolutionary Guards commander Qasem Soleimani 
poses next to his creation 
in the rebel-held Syrian town of Dana in the northwestern province of Idlib

[Image: AFP-1NF3LB.jpg]

Hate Monster Psycho Trash from the goon squad -- Omar -- 
who makes a living at hating Trump,
was fake-crying at a news conference claiming she has PTSD

[Image: omar-pass-600-li-1280x720.jpg]

Always the same hate, no matter what, give them money, or give them give them peace,
the Ghouls live remain in perpetual hate syndrome 

[Image: iran-soleimani-trump.jpg]

What did one media outlet call Soleimani?
"a revered leader"

[Image: soleimani-iran-media.jpg]

who da next prezident ?

[Image: soleimani-iran-sanders.jpg]

do you feel the Bern?



Russia not only denied their missile downing MH17,
{which Russian supported rebels shot down}

Buk rockets are not so easy to operate, so its believed that there were Russian troops operating specific weapons under rebels label.

Up early this morning to catch the Impeachment Trial just starting on the TV networks.
Adam Evil Dead Schiff,
opened the trial and was amusing at times,
but could not rise above the repetitive Apocalyptic Bore,
of the Democrats efforts to impeach Trump.
Oh fuck,
it was just ridiculous to watch this crap ... I lasted a couple of hours.

I saw a ray of sunshine in the rain and wind storm outside here,
and so I went hiking for the afternoon in nearby old growth forest hills.

I got home from a great day,
and this worthless impeachment trial was still on TV.
I made my late lunch while Judge Lol Judy was on.
So I watched Judge Judy call some half wit Whip
a "Rip Van Winkle"
because he slept through a brawling fight,
and Rip ... looking very confused,
spurred Judge Judy to ask every body in the chamber on TV:
"This idiot,
doesn't know who Rip Van Winkle is,
everybody here raise your hand Slap2
if you know,
who Rip Van Winkle is "

Half the people did not raise their hand!  Jawdrop

and you know what Judge Judy said when she saw only half the people raise their hands?

"Ohhh ... it's time for me to die ... "  Rofl

So what I am saying is,
when you watch Schiff or Nadler again at this Impeachment Trial circus,
with the endless Apocalyptic Bore that ensues,
and being forced upon this nation,
you sometimes feel like Judge Judy does in her courtroom,
full of idiots and clowns.

Such as Adam Evil Dead Schiff Whip

Schiff has a bright future as a serial horror movie star.
He is seriously scarier than Angus Scrimm.
He is like a mix of Anthony Hopkins in Silence of the Lambs,
with a homosexual bloodthirsty Bela Lugosi,
in his new hit horror movie,
Nightmares in the White House ... Smoke

Adam Evil Dead Schiff -- live today at the Impeachment Trial

[Image: BEV7lFV.jpg]



Yea, it's the American election year in the coronavirus apocalypse.

Anybody want a free all expenses paid luxury vacation in China?

The latest I heard was,
up to 24 day latency period while people are infective showing no symptoms and shedding virus.
Lovely, but you might want to avoid the Yoga classes,
and the local workout gyms,
not to mention the doctor, the dentist, the theater, restaurants, the libraries, the supermarkets, 
and then
get a mail in ballot  Cry Whip

There will be no election if this shit gets out of hand.
Military will be in control ... for a while.
they can drop ballots by drone  Hi to the American cruise ship passengers. 

Sanders ... is Shemp Shemp   Socialism ... he can't beat Trump. 
Half the Dem's will pick Trump over Sanders, if Sanders is the nominee.
AOC is waiting for Bernie to fail and die so she can take over in the near future.

Biden ... an aging balding Pennywise ... when he concedes ... then I will find an image of the USS Biden,
at the bottom of the sea and post it here.
watching Biden talk in Iowa and NH is like watching a WW1 veteran at the rest home on thorazine. 

Warren ... nothing but lies still come out of her mouth.
Fucking crazy bitch. 
It would be like voting for Medusa.

Buttigieg ... I still say that blacks will not vote for a white gay tiddlywink.
His "deer in the headlights " look at the last debate exposed his phony astute politician pantomime.

Klobuchar ... is the best that the Democrats have.
The only one with enough guts to raise her hand when asked if socialism bothered her as a candidate.
If I had to vote for a Democrat Scream
she would be my pick.

Wang ... or is it Yang?
wang dang yang dang Yankee doodle dandy ... No.

Then there is ... Gloomberg ... he is there to stop the Bern and the socialists.

Trump called him:
"Mini Mike" Rofl 

Then somewhere I saw the old rag herself ... Clinton,
on a news flash out take from the Ellen Degenerot show,
"Never say never!"
to being vice president ...
That would be like voting for Sodom and Gomorrah,
or the corpse of Margaret Thatcher.

Holy fuck.

Demento  Tp  Crats

I watched the Demento-cratic debate tonight.
The amusement park clown this evening was Bloomberg.
Epic Fail.
He was looking like a halfwit with his zipper down,
while Elizabeth Warren ripped him a new asshole.

I can see Trump now dreaming up a quick tweet about "mini-Mike" 

Trump tonight
"Bloomberg got pounded tonight"

Warren cuts Bloomberg's balls off Whip  on national TV,
then Biden shoves his fist up Bloomberg's ass,
then Bernie runs him over with a bus.

Pennywise   Bloom  Pennywise   berg   Pennywise

Yes, well fuck Elizabeth Warren. A walking talking bloody tampon.
Nothing but lies comes out of Medusa's mouth.

Then there is the gay dimple pimple, Pete Buddigeig ... aka Mr. Tiddlywinks.
He didn't have enough testoterone to sustain an attack on Sanders,
so he dragged Klobuchar into a cheap alley cat fight,
while he avoids Elizabeth Warren.

Sleepy Joe had an espresso before the debate,
and he had his better moments. 
What Biden has to do is just keep it short and sweet.
He always stumbles and bumbles when he tries to explain himself.
And Joe has a problem, 
as Bernie leaves Joe in the dust, 
looking back and reminding Biden to go get his "shine box",'
and go polish somebody's shoes.

Klobuchar is the best they have,
and she did well, especially her closing statement,
but she just can't get past the horde behind the Bern,
and it was interesting how Warren attacked Klobuchar tonight.

Bernie won the debate by saying pretty much nothing new,
and having the benefit of the other candidates spending time trashing Bloomberg.

Well Bloomberg is all Gloomberg tonight.
Man he looked like a rumpled rat after Warren and others disemboweled the idiot.

And Hillary was watching, and wishing, and then wondering,
just how the hell she could be Gloomberg's VP  Nonono
after his performance tonight ...


Sleepy Joe easily sweeps away the Socialist knuckleheads Whip
Mainstream America did not like AOC and her Goon Squad,
who Berinie Sanders cheered himself on with.

The smoldering tire fire, aka the Bern,
is finished.

Joe Biden wants a female vice president.

Here are your choices.

Amy Klobuchar --- Biden isn't smart enough to choose the best the dementocarts have.

Elizabeth Warren --- the walking talking bloody rag would be a big mistake

Kamala Harris --- the original Deep State pick

But it would be all over if Michelle Obama would opt to be chosen.

So if the Dementocrats win,
the likelihood of the VP to become president is distinctly possible.
Think about that.
President Elizabeth Warren ?  Scream

Creepy sleepy Joe better not die then.
Do you think Joe will survive the coronavirus?
Or Bernie?
I bet Elizabeth Warren will.
Bloomberg, invested heavily in China, he loves  Xi  Pennywise  Ping,
the Chinese Pennywise -- Pingywise -- the Chinese shoe shine clown.

Uh oh Uhoh now I will be labeled a racist because I named Xi Ping ... Pingywise Whip

So before I deal with Joe Biden later on,
first we have to deal with the Coronavirus Apocalypse.

Quote V on Feb 12

Quote:Yea, it's the American election year in the coronavirus apocalypse.

Anybody want a free all expenses paid luxury vacation in China?

The latest I heard was,
up to 24 day latency period while people are infective showing no symptoms and shedding virus.

Lovely, but you might want to avoid the Yoga classes,
and the local workout gyms,
not to mention the doctor, the dentist, the theater, restaurants, the libraries, the supermarkets,
and then,
get a mail in ballot  Cry Whip

fast forward to:
March 16

Mother fucking Chinese communist psychopaths,
just tried to place blame on the US military,
suggesting that they released the virus in Wuhan.

They tried to blame the US military,
because they know the global nations are going to hold them accountable.
The Chinese government lied from day 1,
back in early November <---> they started their cover up.
Chinese military threatened doctors with their lives if they didn't lie to the public.

These are insane criminals, and they fund the WHO, and own the top WHO officials.

This is not about the Chinese people.
It is about the Chinese government run by psychopaths.

The coronavirus came from China, from Wuhan,
and it got out of the BSL4 lab there.
It is the Wuhan Chinese Virus <---

Good for Trump,
for purposely calling it the Chinese virus on TV,
"they tried to blame our military, and that isn't going to happen"

That is right !
Xi Ping can fucking die. Chop his fucking head off.

So I don't want to hear any bullshit about racist political talk and images,
Limbo Politics <--- just like it always has been.

This is not about the Chinese people.
It is about the Chinese government, that is run by psychopaths.
WHO officials warn US President Trump against calling coronavirus ‘the Chinese virus’

Racist ... One million Uighers in Chinese communist army concentration camps,
that the Chinese red army calls "re-eduction facilities".

Just who is the racist scourge?

Here he is:

[Image: JyHKYGQ.jpg]

Can you imagine,
the coronavirus pandemic that raged through the Uigher prisoners?
And some liberal fuck is going to call me racist.

[Image: lhb3swA.jpg]

The Chinese are loving this coronavirus destroying the American economy.
they let ---> 5 million people <--- leave Wuhan in late December -- early January,
and the wealthier ones love it over in sunny Italy.

Stock market crashed 3000 points in one day.
Nobody in California is going anywhere or doing anything, state on lock down.

[Image: bni3nhq.jpg]

continued in a few minutes


Then there is the CDC ... who delayed the testing kit process,
by not using WHO test kits,
and then FAILED
on the first batch of test kits.

We lost up to ---> 3 weeks <--- of testing --- with that CDC decision.

Why aren't they being held accountable?
How many people will die just from that CDC decision alone?
How exponentially more people will get infected,
by that CDC decision alone?

Then the head of the NIH,
Anthony "Litttle Xi Ping" Fauci,
the official policy voice of the CDC,
comes on TV to admit ... "YES WE FAILED, but we have to move on".

As far as I can see into this CDC decision,
I believe it was formatted in secret with the very top of the WHO,
{who are owned by China and the US corporate and banking conglomerate globalists}
as a calculated action,
to cause Trump to fail in the surge of USA pandemic conditions,
turning America,
into another Wuhan, coast to coast.

Governor Newsome just locked down the entire state of California Damned

Here is Fauci with the president's task force.
The woman on the left was on FOX news telling lies two days in a row,
including a challenge from Tucker Carlson to ... answer the fucking questions ... and stop the lies.

The surgeon general is a buffoon.
The lady half asleep on the right is the official task force bobble head,
that only talks when there is nothing left to say.

and of course
Anthony  "Little Xi Ping"  Fauci.

[Image: GONy2zU.jpg]


Last but not least the WHO.
International Criminal Clown Cartel in collusion and conspiracy with the Chinese government.

Michael Ryan on the left,
head of WHE
World Health Emergency
is the main power player in the group.
as soon as the virus got out and started to circulate by early November.
Ryan has the deepest Chinese connections of doctors and government there.
He knew it was going to happen,
and stepped back under Chinese pressure to keep quiet.

[Image: ek360lQ.jpg]

Yea ... the US military had NOTHING to do with the --- WUHAN CHINESE VIRUS.

It is now ...the ... Pingywise Virus.

Mail in ballots?
Will Sleepy Joe make it alive to the election,
or arrive there with full dementia?

Trump faces a terrible task.
I hope he can survive,
but when you put your trust into ... Anthony "little Xi Ping" Fauci ... you are likely being set up,
or will simply be played into WHO hands.

Only a wild card can save this from disaster.
Right now that is the malaria drug.
Did you see Fauci immediately try to play that prospect down today on the news?
A wild card miracle drug,
throws all the WHO - CDC collusion con-spiracy to mandate vaccines in the near future,
right out the window.
Let's hope it works for everybody.

Staying alive in the Coronavirus Apocalypse with Ozzie Osbourne --- it gets good at 2:30 and on

Joe Biden  Rofl  staying alive Whip

Joe Biden
staying alive ...
where the fuck is Joe Biden?

Quote:Joe Biden disclosed Friday evening he has told his Democratic rival Bernie Sanders 
that he is moving forward with cabinet,
and vice presidential picks. 

Biden told donors at a virtual fundraising event,

his campaign is to unveil a committee to vet potential vice presidential candidates 
“sometime in the middle of the month," 
and said he has held discussions with others about potential cabinet positions.

the "virtual" Joe Biden
sleeps all day in his basement at home.

Quote:In Friday’s remarks, 
Biden also disclosed he’s leaned on former President Barack Obama,
for advice on the process of cabinet picks.

he could ask Barrack Obama if Michelle is available ...
Sleepy Joe could slam dunk the election with his eyes closed,
and beat Trump with that pick.

The word is that Cuomo is vying for the VP position,
but Biden stated he would choose a woman.

Biden is King Pinocchio Whip
Biden Has Earned 11 Pinocchios From Fact-Checkers During Coronavirus Crisis

Quote:Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden 
has been dinged several times by fact-checkers 
over claims he has made during the coronavirus crisis, 
including a total of 11 "Pinocchios" from the Washington Post. Rofl

Over the course of three weeks between March 13 and April 3, 
Biden was fact-checked five separate times,
for making false or misleading claims concerning the Trump administration's handling of the pandemic.

A Washington Post fact check on March 13 awarded Biden four Pinocchios  
the fact-checker's most severe rating, 
for two manipulated videos the Biden campaign circulated.

The first video claimed to show Trump at a Feb. 28 rally,
saying Democrats were turning the coronavirus into "their new hoax" 
after they failed to bring Trump down through impeachment. 
Biden's video was edited to make it appear that Trump was calling the coronavirus a hoax. 
Trump, however, 
was referring to the Democrats' attempts to blame him for the virus, not the virus itself.

The second Biden campaign video,
showed Trump saying the phrase "the American Dream is dead," 
which the Post found was taken out of context <---
and missing the second part of Trump's statement,
where he promised to "bring it back bigger and better and stronger than ever before."

Another Post fact check on March 24 gave the campaign four Pinocchios Whip
after adviser Ron Klain 
accused Trump of silencing Dr. Nancy Messonnier of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

"The president and the White House sent a clear message to scientists in the government—
there would be a price for speaking out and speaking up," 
he said in a campaign video released on March 21.

Messonnier continued to hold routine phone briefings with reporters,
in the weeks after she raised the alarm about the virus at a press conference with Trump.

Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler,
wrote that Klain's framing was "simply wrong." 
Messonnier's alarming rhetoric did irritate Trump, 
but the idea that she was silenced was a "false narrative," Kessler added.

At a CNN town hall on March 27, 
Biden repeated an earlier claim that Trump had eliminated the White House pandemic office.
He also claimed Trump made "no effort",
to put any pressure on Chinese president Xi Jinping,
and reduced the CDC's staff in China prior to the outbreak. 
Biden added he called for China to admit medical experts from the United States,
when the outbreak in China was still in its early stages.

The Post‘s fact check gave Biden three Pinocchios due to his imprecise language. 
The Trump administration sought access for CDC experts, 
and the administration told the Post,
that Trump offered to send experts to China to help with the outbreak. 
Biden also did not specifically call for experts to be sent until late February.

Those weren't the only times Biden has been fact-checked for rhetoric during the crisis.

On March 15, 
during the Democratic presidential debate, 
Biden falsely claimed that Trump refused coronavirus testing kits from the World Health Organization. 
The kits were never offered in the first place. 
PolitiFact rated his statement "Mostly False." 
CNN, after initially deeming his statement factual, 
retracted its rating after a report by the Washington Free Beacon.

On March 19, 

Biden first tweeted that Trump "eliminated" the pandemic response team. 
The Washington Post fact check found this claim "overstated" 
due to the fact that the global health directorate,
was folded into another office under the guidance of former national security adviser John Bolton. 
Citing "dueling narratives," however, it didn't give a rating to Biden's claim.


Where is Joe Biden?
He is sleeping with his imaginary teddy bear all day long.
Where Is Joe Biden? 
Online, Being Drowned Out By The Coronavirus And Trump

Quote:The presidential campaign is now almost completely digital, 
a space where Biden has long lagged and Trump has flourished.

There was a time not long ago,
when there was a relatively normal presidential campaign with regular campaign events — 
when Joe Biden and Donald Trump flew around the country,
rallying their supporters preparing for a relatively normal general election.

That time is very much over. 
What’s left of the presidential campaign is now happening almost exclusively online and on TV.

For Trump, that’s been fine: 
The coronavirus pandemic has given him an endless media platform through daily televised briefings. 
And Trump has been very online since becoming a presidential candidate five years ago; 
his digital director from that first campaign, 
known for valuing Facebook 
over traditional media, is now his reelection campaign manager.

It’s been a steeper adjustment for Biden. 
His sudden surge to likely Democratic presidential nominee,
came just as the coronavirus began to spread across the US, 
leaving a former senator and vice president never known for being hip to the internet,
in the position of trying to build a broad, Trump-defeating coalition via Zoom.

"In some ways this is the world that every digital person,
in every digital story you’ve ever written has said would come,” 
Biden digital director Rob Flaherty told BuzzFeed News
in a telephone interview Wednesday. 
“I think one of the things that’s interesting is that the stuff that we’re doing now,
is not that different than the stuff that we would need to do to win in a general [election]."

Biden campaign officials said they began discussing the need for digital alternatives in late January, 
before the coronavirus became a severe health crisis in the US. 
(Biden expressed concerns at the time in a USA Today opinion piece.) 
For example, 
they knew they’d need a TV studio in his hometown, Wilmington, Delaware. 
But they didn’t realize that stay-at-home orders and social distancing,
would require one to be built in Biden’s basement. <--- {where Sleepy Joe slumbers all day}

Nearly every aspect of the first days of Biden’s dispatches,
from that new broadcasting studio was consistent. 
From Monday to Friday last week, 
he appeared in front of a backdrop of books,
and Americana for a press briefing over Zoom, 
talking head interviews on cable news, 
and round tables with young voters and first responders; 
a lamp to his right always turned on, 
he repeatedly tried to reassure Americans,
that the country “won’t be defeated” by an “invisible” enemy. 
He hammered a critique about the president’s slow response to the coronavirus threat.

Biden’s increased presence online and on TV over the last two weeks,
also has answered skepticism his online adversaries have been hurling, 
even if the answers aren’t always appointment viewing on live TV. 
“Where Is Joe Biden?” 
had emerged as a memeified pressure point meant to raise suspicion or criticism,
over his retreat from the public eye. 
“Thanks for giving me the time — so they don’t wonder where I am,” 
Biden said Monday as he ended an interview on MSNBC.

"We were just focused on getting him out there as soon as we could get him out there,”
Flaherty said Wednesday. 
“I think if people are saying ‘Where is Joe?’ right now, 
they’re operating in bad faith. 
We’re doing TV every day … If you’re asking ‘Where’s Joe?’ you know where to find him now."

One problem for the Biden campaign has been the ticker count of confirmed coronavirus cases and deaths —
the only story Americans seem to be paying attention to — 
on cable news networks that supersede any shot he had at making an impact.

“I think it is very helpful for people to hear and see him,” 
Rep. Tim Ryan of Ohio, 
a former presidential candidate now supporting Biden, told BuzzFeed News. 
“Not sure it’s breaking through, 
but it does provide the contrast he wants. 
Steady, experienced, and empathetic, servant leadership. 
Which a stark contrast to the president’s ego-centered, divisive example.”

When Biden gave his first address last week on the coronavirus,
and laid out his suggestions for the president, 
none of the major networks carried his speech live, 
as they instead broadcast one of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s daily briefings. 
Last Tuesday, 
when Biden was set to do an interview with the cohosts of The View, 
local networks in New York and Washington, DC, 
cut away to air briefings from Cuomo and DC Mayor Muriel Bowser.  Rofl

The week was a first for a Biden team that seemed to focus little on digital outreach during the primary. 
At early points in the campaign, 
staffers argued that what was happening online 
was not reflective of what was happening in the real world, 
though that attitude began to change once Biden began his quick march to likely nominee status.

There were some kinks in the execution. 
Reporters and voters were left wondering when livestreams would actually start, 
after delays and schedule changes. 

Biden started his first livestreamed events looking off camera to ask if they “were ready to go.”  Rofl
Audio cut out during town halls. Whip
At the same time, 
Bernie Sanders’ now–long shot campaign held highly produced live campaign events,
recorded in multiple locations that streamed without a hitch, 
and Trump’s rapid-response team 
jumped on every opportunity to point out Biden’s initial technical difficulties. 

Biden coughed on camera during a CNN interview and was chastised by Jake Tapper,
for not coughing into his elbow. Rofl
Soon after, 
Trump retweeted a heavily edited clip of Biden coughing and clearing his throat during live TV hits, 
“The Democrat’s Best & Finest!” 

Trump, meanwhile, is everywhere. 
He is on TV every night, 
updating the nation on the coronavirus crisis,
from the White House briefing room podium, 
while also throwing in digs at the media and Biden,
and attempting to set a narrative that erases his own early role in downplaying the virus. 
He leaves it to the experts — Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx — 
to deliver the toughest information, 
as he did this Tuesday, 
passing to them when asked a question about a projected death toll of at least 100,000 Americans.

When he is not at the podium, he is calling into Fox News, 
sometimes in the morning, sometimes late at night. 
He is tweeting incessantly to his 75 million Twitter followers, 
amplified by an army of supporters and surrogates. 
Trump was an overwhelming presence in the lives of many Americans in normal times; 
with the coronavirus crisis, he is in their faces all the time.

While not a perfect measure, 
one clean way of visualizing just how much Trump has retaken America’s attention is on Google Trends, 
where Biden briefly spiked over Trump in early March,
following his giant Super Tuesday wins,
and has since dropped and virtually flatlined in the last 10 days 
(both Trump and Biden are basically nonexistent compared to searches for the term “coronavirus”).

Biden’s trying to be everywhere himself, 
but without the power of a president or governor, 
his appearances carry less urgency. 
On a Saturday in late March, 
the Biden campaign popped into DJ D-Nice’s “Club Quarantine” 
set on Instagram to comment a thumbs up to the 70,000 people,
who’d tuned in to watch the livestream, 
before barreling into a week of livestreamed events and interviews,
across CNN, MSNBC, ABC, 
and an interview posted to YouTube with Jimmy Kimmel.

Biden has taken an optimistic position on how his message is being amplified. 
“Well, the irony is, virtual campaigning, 
I'll probably reach more people than I would out there shaking hands,” 
Biden told the cohosts of The View. 
The campaign had touted that it had been able to reach 3.5 million people,
who had watched his Monday morning remarks at some point.

From Saturday, March 21, through Saturday, March 28, 
Biden’s content racked up more than 20 million views — 
a figure he shared Sunday on Meet the Press.

"There’s two internet versions of Joe Biden that people love. 
One is empathy — 
the woman in the elevator at the New York Times,” said Flaherty, 
referring to a viral video of Biden’s friendly encounter with an elevator operator,
after a meeting with the newspaper’s editorial board. 
“And then there’s explainer-in-chief, 
and this sort of calming presence. 
The videos that have done best for us have always been in one of those two categories."

The “explainer-in-chief” approach is central to a podcast Biden launched this week, 
titled Here’s the Deal — 
a nod to one of his frequent sayings. 
The first installment, set to a melodramatic movie trailer–like score, 
featured Biden and his longtime adviser Ron Klain, 
who headed up the Obama administration’s efforts to combat the 2014 Ebola outbreak, 
interviewing each other. 
“Well, it’s good to be doing my very first podcast,” Biden tells Klain at one point. 
“Things are changing an awful lot.”

Trump’s campaign is able to rely on an already flush treasure chest — 
$225 million cash on hand when the campaign and RNC
and their joint committees like Trump Victory, are combined — 
and a developed digital operation to plow through the next few months. 
By comparison, 
Biden’s campaign, 
after two largely rough and expensive months, 
entered March with about $12 million on hand Whip 
though that was before his Super Tuesday surge,
and the departures of several candidates who threw their support to him.

“The Trump Campaign has a significant advantage,
because of our early and ongoing investment in data and technological infrastructure,” 
Ken Farnaso, the campaign’s deputy press secretary, 
said in a statement to BuzzFeed News. 

“As part of our efforts to reelect the President this November, 
we are hosting virtual events, 
training members of the Trump Neighborhood Teams online, 
activating the massive volunteer network to make calls on behalf of the President, 
and continuing our efforts to register voters online.” 
Last Saturday, he said, Trump supporters made almost 1.5 million calls from their homes.

On March 13, 
as the world was still coming to terms with the coronavirus crisis — 
Japan was still considering whether to put off the 2020 Olympics, 
and the Trump Victory committee was informing the nearly 900 people 
who attended a fundraising brunch at Mar-a-Lago 
that one of them had tested positive for COVID-19 — 
the Trump campaign said it was shifting to “virtual and digital campaign tools.”

“With our field organization largely built out and over half a million volunteers already engaged, 
we are in an incredibly strong position, 
to activate an aggressive digital and virtual political operation," 
RNC chair Ronna McDaniel said at the time.

The campaign made the shift to being a “virtual campaign” on March 26, 
and said it has seen a doubling in web traffic to its various campaign sites since last week. 
That evening, it hosted the first of what are expected to be several “digital broadcast panels,” 
which are basically group video chats by Trump campaign staff, 
beamed from their homes onto the computers and phones of whomever chooses to tune in. 
That night, it was a Women for Trump event. 
This week, it hosted one for Latinos for Trump.

Lara Trump, a senior campaign aide and the president’s daughter-in-law, 
hosted the Women for Trump discussion, 
with campaign spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany and political director Chris Carr.

“This is a first for us,” Lara Trump said, 
opening the chat from what looked like a home office, 
with McEnany sitting in her home in front of a strategically placed “Keep America Great” sign and hat, 
and Carr in front of red, white, and blue “Trump–Pence” placards. 
“Since we can’t go to you, 
we thought you could come to us,” she said.

She lobbed some questions at her guests — 
if they had any advice for parents in this time of self-isolation, 
how the president planned to stimulate the economy. 
There were digs at House leader Nancy Pelosi and of Democrats’ handling of the economic stimulus package — 
nothing anyone who has tuned into Fox or Twitter hadn’t heard before.

Then Lara Trump turned to the subject of Biden and asked, 
“What would this country look like,
if Joe Biden,
and the Democrats had been at the helm?” 
That’s when McEnany froze. 
Not figuratively, but literally, 
her frozen head soon morphed into a question mark 
and the sound for the feed dropped entirely. 
The campaign that had so loudly criticized Biden for his own technical hiccups had fumbled itself. 
Digital campaigning isn’t always easy.

The next day, Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale 
said more than 945,000 people had tuned in to various platforms to watch the event. 
But, at least on Periscope, the number did not go above 650.

“While nothing can compete with President Trump’s unmatched ability,
to communicate directly with the American people, 
these events offer an important supplement to the president’s daily White House Coronavirus Task Force briefings — and the incredible response we’ve gotten from supporters proves it,” 
Lara Trump wrote in an op-ed published on Fox News on Wednesday.

In his interviews and digital events, 
Biden has consistently strived for political nuance, 
something that may help in projecting himself as a steady hand, 
but that also rarely generates headlines. 
That’s been especially true in how he’s taken on Trump directly.

In a CNN interview this Tuesday, 
Biden was asked if Trump “is responsible for the deaths of Americans” 
for his response to the pandemic. 
He pivoted.

“President Trump is not responsible for the coronavirus,” 
he said. 
Instead, Biden said, 
he is “responsible for using all of the power at his disposal to be able to deal with this virus,” 
like using the Defense Production Act to bring more protective supplies to doctors and nurses.

“If you’ve noticed what I’ve been doing,
I have not been criticizing the president,
but I’ve been pointing out where there’s disagreements on how to proceed,” 
Biden said on The View last week.

During a later MSNBC interview, 
Biden went further in his criticism of Trump and seemed to regret it.

“Why doesn’t he just act like a president?” Biden asked.

“That’s a stupid way to say it,” he said after a pause. “Sorry.” Rofl

and that is where Joe Biden is:
“That’s a stupid way to say it,” he said after a pause. “Sorry.” Rofl

 Dr. Deep State -- "little Xi Jin Ping" Fauci,
shows America how to be a human bio-weapon <---

And this International Criminal Clown Cartel piece of garbage,
is advising Americans.
what a sad joke of a sick human being promoting mandatory vaccines for global populations.

[Image: mictCPY.jpg]

Been fried in coronavirus mindfunk watching the Plandemic unfold on the media.
Facebook is the worst for that.
Infested with the worst snowflake liberals that want to maintain indefinite lock downs,
and promote mandatory CV19 vaccines,
while they worship Fauci and the WHO,
all in the name of ... Hate Trump syndrome.

That crazy bitch governor of Michigan.
The coronavirus poster girl for Xi JinPing's  WHO and the Deep State.

[Image: article-5958-1.jpg]

Hard to get motivated America? ... right where they want us ... worn out into compliance.
Bend over and take the vaccine in the ass.

Better watch this before it gets pulled again like it did on youtube, pretty good really,
she exposes 
Dr Deep State - Little Xi Jinping - Fauci 

Famous virologist who was on the original AIDS work with Fauci
Expert Virologist Speaks Out

General Flynn was exonerated today, it's about time.
Some evil FBI motherfuckers are going to go to jail.

[Image: 5-4-20-toon-gen-flynn-innocent_orig.png]

Send the swat team to arrest John Sicko-Psycho-Fuck Brennan.

[Image: jbrennan_856x642.jpg]

Check out Jake Crapper on CNN lately,
He is totally fried, and has looked so awfully bad on CNN fake news puke. 
He was looking like an old sad lame dog golden retriever,
who lost his last dog bone.

This is what is wrong with America, these two toxic television pukes,
Geezy and Sleazy,
telling lies to each other.

Jake:                                                                                    Dr. Deep State:
"Shouldn't we arrest and incarcerate doctors,                             "Not to worry Jake,
that prescribe hydroxychloroquine - azithromycin?"                     we have plenty of remdesivir suppositories,
                                                                                             for all CNN employees.


Joe Biden is leading in the polls  Rofl
but he still forgot to zip up his fly Whip

Man, is he losing his mental grip 75% of the time or what?
The guy is a half a wheelchair roll away from the funny farm.

Back soon to sum up current events.
I will leave you with this great image.
the Deep State
Der Vaccine Fuhrer --- with Fauci and Soros

[Image: Kre6ZKm.jpg]


Strolling back down the CNN highway of shame and stupidity.

Still waiting for Durham to indict the Deep State trash.

[Image: vDYpykN.jpg]

Look who is back in the news ... the latest CNN candidate for media whore of the year.

Greta "little Stormy" Thunberg Whip

[Image: 8ac82c5382bb2f3325fc62bd97e4a16a.png]

the Clown News Network,
Avenatti sucked Don Lemon's knob under the table,
Brian Stelter promoted Avenatti for president like a damn fool.

[Image: Mf3nXvH.jpg]

Anderson Cooper slobbered and drooled all over Stormy Daniels,
while posing with the sleazy whore for photo opportunities in down town NYC,
with Michael Avenatti.

[Image: 2KVTqJa.jpg]

now wants to have Greta Thunberg address the coronavirus pandemic,
on another CNN staged panel of fascist media pigs and whores.

Greta "little Stormy" Thunberg ---  is now a CNN Coronavirus Whore Whip

Maybe Anderson Cooper can give Greta a few clues that he learned from Stormy Daniels.
Now there's a hot ticket!
Greta could go on tour with Stormy Daniels,
and make funny porno movies about enforcing social distancing.
Everybody wears a mask,
at Greta and Stormy's CNN coronavirus porno party.

[Image: WUNcP1h.jpg]



The death of George Floyd is a true shame.
The riots and burning down of businesses is just as bad.

The reaction of protesters is understandable to a degree,
but the opportunists steal,
the fuckheads burn,
and the nation watches in despair.

Everybody's life matters.

The whole world is at risk from Coronavirus politics.
Everybody is stressed out, burned out, and getting pissed off.

Our freedoms are being taken away by insane Democrats,
that want to out-Communist the insane Chinese dictator Xi JinPing.
they all want to be a little Hitler ... a little Xi JinPing.

Newsom is a fucking traitor.
gave the Chinese bankrupt company 1 billion $$$ for face masks
5 $ a copy.
Instead of giving the contract to an American company and American workers.

Newsom works for Xi JinPing and the Globalist corporate banking conglomerates,
that are way too invested in China.

Whitmer is an insane bloody rag worse than Elizabeth Warren.
Whitmer is a coronavirus media propaganda whore.
They love her in Beijing.

Then there is the Vaccine Fuhrer.
he fits well in the place of the stupid cop that killed George Floyd.

This is the global reality.

[Image: L8fTR1c.jpg]

Televise the riot act, send in the national guard to arrest Bill Gates,
for crimes against humanity. 


Hidin' Joe Biden ... The Peek-a-Boo presidential candidate.

Come out to play Joe ... kiss black voters asses with false promises ... wear your black mask Whip

[Image: 9GYZo8bl_400x400.jpg]

This clown is not going to make it to November.

The unfortunate aspect of that is seeing that rotting wretch Elizabeth Warren,
suddenly emerge back into the VP selection picture.

I think maybe this is setting up to be a two woman Democratic ticket.
Joe Biden is just too far gone with BSE type plaques clogging in his neural synapses with low level dementia.
How this transpires will be interesting to see.
I surmise that not long after he selects his VP,
Joe will have an event or accident,
that leaves him unable to proceed with presidential candidate performance stamina.
Kind of like he is right now,


George Floyd's killer cop sure fucked things up for the country,
and the global politics.

Hard to tell the Chinese to lay off the Hong Kong protesters,
when you have American leftist radicals organizing and coordinating violent actions in several cities,
while stupid greedy worthless Blacks,
are doing the  looting and burning in all those cities,
performing the mayhem Antifa wants to see televised. 

And it is mostly blacks burning their own neighborhoods.

Well you lock people up that had no jobs anyways,
for two months in a manufactured epidemic,
and then shit happens to push them over the edge,
and the worst of them go on a pantomimed rampage of mayhem,
so that they can have an excuse to loot and pillage.

What do you think about what is going to happen with Antifa?
They are going to be purged by the Justice dept. likely.
I bet some of their top members are going to be charged with terrorism, racketeering,
the fucking kitchen sink.

some of you boys are going to go to jail for a very very long time
[Image: ebt-0903-antifa-701.jpg]

Sounds to me like the group has been watched and accounted for by several alphabet spook agencies. 
Infiltrated no doubt as well.

there are a whole lot of black trash on video tape looting and burning.
They need to go down town to the slammer too.
Some of them were so fucking stupid.
Parked their cars in front of the liquor store being looted,
and were openly filmed by the press as they got into their cars with loads of stolen goods.
I loved the zoom ins of the cameras to the license plate numbers.

What do looting pillaging blacks pretending to care about George Floyd Nonono
Hidin'  Joe  Biden

They are both stupid worthless trash that pretend they care about blacks.

[Image: 1590688952_08-1011074586++04FLOYD052920.....625&w=412]

[Image: aptopix_minneapolis_police_death_97069.jpg]

A list of the buildings damaged, looted in Minneapolis and St. Paul

Monkey see monkey foo doo

[Image: 195228865_195228865-1ebcdc06c34a401795cc...971353.jpg]

Definitions of Trash
 ---> Antifa ---> Blacks pretending to care about George Floyd ---> Hidin'  Joe  Biden

[Image: GettyImages-1215982232.jpg?w=900]

Put this clown out to pasture please

[Image: 9GYZo8bl_400x400.jpg]


Defunding police is a ridiculous and really bad idea. 
Political groups excusing the looting and burning of cities, 
are using the current social chaos to attain instant power over your life, 
and will do anything to get that power 
to crush your existence if you resist the liberal youth rage mob political nonsense and excess,
 be you any race, religion or political affiliation. 
Look what they did to the mayor of Minneapolis when he refused to defund the police. 

-- Minneapolis is hell bound train with a conductor wearing a blind fold instead of a mask. 
-- Watch L.A. slip into the slow death of woke mob political insanity, 
and burn to the ground in violent crime and criminal gang street wars in the coming years.

And Don Cow Lemon at CNN ... fucking delusional coward ... "looting is not violence"

Tell that to David Dorn and his family ...

[Image: gbjkVyX.jpg]

[Image: oVP0HdB.jpg]

Family of St. Louis Police Captain David Dorn speaks about his 'senseless' killing
It is only three minutes long.
from TV News in St Louis a few days ago.
Some of the content may bring you to tears.


looting and burning in the protests,
BLM in bed with pimple faced Antifa pussies,
Seattle Autono-monkey Zone gets renamed,
Sleepy Joe,
needs a lot of vitamins or amphetamines or both, 
but in the meantime,
this gets lost in the news.

Music to my ears

Quote:on Monday night,
hundreds of soldiers fought with iron rods and clubs studded with nails for several hours.

In depth images at link

Satellite images suggest Chinese activity at India's Himalayan border before clash

Indians hold funerals for soldiers killed at China border, 
burn portraits of Xi Rofl

Indians burned portraits of Chinese President Xi Jinping on Thursday,
as families cremated some of the 20 soldiers,
killed in hand-to-hand fighting with Chinese troops in a disputed mountainous border region.

Quote:Hardline nationalist groups with ties to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party 
have stepped up calls for a boycott of Chinese goods <----
and a cancellation of contracts with Chinese firms. <----

China’s Oppo  Tp cancelled the live online launch of its flagship smartphone in India.

Scores of people shouted “Victory to Mother India”  
as the body of Colonel B. Santosh Babu, 
the most senior Indian officer killed in the clashes, 
was taken in a military truck decked out with flowers to his hometown of Suryapet in southern India.

Residents in the northern city of Kanpur 
held a mock funeral of Xi and burned his portrait, 
shouting anti-China slogans. 
In Cuttack in eastern India, an effigy of Xi and a Chinese flag were burned.  Applause

In the western Indian city of Surat, 
a group of people threw a Chinese-made television on the ground and stomped on it in protest on Wednesday.

“In the current situation, 

the China issue should not be taken lightly,” 
Food and Consumer Affairs minister Ram Vilas Paswan told the Economic Times. 
“In many cases, 
there may be Chinese money invested, 
but I think the regular things we buy from the market, 
one should certainly make sure that we avoid  Hi Chinese products.”

China, belligerent nasty Chinese communist party fuck heads invade India.

How about that hand to hand combat battle with no guns?

They hate each other.

Japan is pulling it's businesses from China by the ways.

One guess where they are going.

Invest in India ! 

Death to the CCP.


Years ago here ... I actually defended Black Lives Matters,  Doh
over a police killing of a black man.
But BLM has morphed into a despicable political hate group.
They are avowed and trained Marxists  Horsepoop
that want to infiltrate the school systems with their ideologies,
and destroy American capitalist economics and government.
They want to totally eliminate police,
and put themselves in charge.

Democrats are so fucking stupid to allow this political imsanity,
to take over their entire party infrastructure.

Joe Basement Biden Whip
will just roll over and play dead for BLM if he gets elected.

AOC, and that horrid sick witch Omar will vault into power,
under a Biden presidency.

Whoever is going to be his VP pick better get ready to put Joe away in the dementia ward.
He isn't going to last mentally all the way to the election,
and the NYT is priming his excuse to NOT debate Trump.
Trump would leave Biden standing there with his pants down and his dick in his hand.

But the Democrat problem is that BLM and the squad is taking over their party.
Americans are waking up to this nightmare,
seeing law and order disappear in Democratic cities.

BLM has become a terrorist organization.
Shaun King called for:
BLM activists to invade churches and destroy any images or icons of baby Jesus.
This mother fucker is sick!
The other terrorist by the name of Hawk,
wants to:
"burn the entire system down"

These are Terrorists 
and they need to be jailed for a very very long time,
or they will start a civil war.

Cancel Culture out of control,
people losing their jobs because they speak their truth against the far left socialists.

Can you believe how crazy this far left socialist - communist shit is going?
Mainstream America wants nothing to do with it.
You need to stand up and fight, 
against the insane excess that BLM represents to America.

You think eliminating ---> Aunt Jemima <--- as the pancake mix icon,
is just a passing cancel culture excess?
They plan on controlling all books, TV and movie content.

Here is Aunt Jemima back in the late 30's I believe,
in Indiana,
where she was quite popular and loved,
by whites and blacks across the country,
and she would go on the road and advertise at markets and such,
serving her pancakes, while people lined up.

[Image: d4EeXQ4.jpg]

I prefer the Aunt Jemima pancake syrup,
over the:
Uncle Shaun Yak BLM pancake syrup.
This is what you get if you vote Democrat.

[Image: 8IK4XOK.jpg]

Aunt Jemima died at the hands of Black Lives Matters.
Only black Marxists,
and stupid far left liberal white people wanted to eliminate Aunt Jemima.
This is what Aunt Jemima would have to say ...

[Image: PEGqnEA.jpg]

Vote for Trump!
Donate money to Republicans.
I am, across the board to many of them.

If we let the country go to the Gates and the Globalists,
and the BLM Marxists and the Antifa pimple faced pussies,
we will end up being a server state for the Chinese Communist Party.
They want to control their populations with pandemic viruses and vaccines.
Just like this insane evil fuck is waiting like a snake in the grass,
to sink his needles and chips into our children.

[Image: PPusK75.jpg]

Where is Joe Biden?
He is still being hidden in his basement.
What a worthless piece of shit.

[Image: Joe-Biden-Sleepy-Joe-Mixes-Up-Coronaviru...-Virus.png]

funny farm candidate
ripe to be controlled by the far left 

[Image: EC5ubAAUYAIG0K-.jpg]


Antifa getting rounded up in Portland by the Feds is excellent to see.

good video here with some highlights of the white trash Antifa pussies,
note the video section on Antifa racists Whip
flipping off an Asian guy,
as they identify him as Andy Ngo <---
the Asian guy catches on to what they are doing and challenges the Antifa trash,
by calling them what they are -- racists Whip

scroll past the commercial to about 55 seconds ... that is about where it starts

At two minutes -- that is where they go into the Andy Ngo event in Portland <----

Joe Basement Biden wants to defund police {redirect funds}

[Image: 05-driver-biden-li-600a.jpg]



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