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Next President of the United Fates of America

Twailor  Twash Whip 

The Bush Twins Biography
Quote:Jenna Bush is the blonde twin;
Barbara Bush is brunette...
A 2003 Associated Press report noted the Secret Service code names
for the twins were:
Twinkle for Jenna, Turquoise for Barbara.

[Image: bush-twins.jpg]

CIA bedtime stories

[Image: bushtwins.1989.jpg]
[Image: jenna-and-barbara-bush-w.jpg]

twailor twash Whip in royal muff tents  Smoke

[Image: 534963195_barbara_bush_jenna_bush_366987...large.jpeg]

reality before and after photoshop

[Image: rnctwins.jpg]

just say no ... and these two aren't going anywhere near "the top"

[Image: YCqPe.jpg]


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