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Next President of the United Fates of America

You know how I feel,
fuck the Iranian Ayatollah  ... the Iranian Aya-ghoul-ah Whip

The Ayatollah Khameini is a big time Dick Head.

[Image: r-AYATOLLAH-KHAMENEI-ISRAEL-large570.jpg]

Iranian advisor's guiding the Shiite militias in the attack on Tikrit.
They can all die along with ISIS in their Islamic Ghoul War.

Obama is being awfully cozy with the Iranian military "advisor" presence in Iraq,
but it is keeping US troops off the ground.
We will see if that holds true in Mosul soon enough,
after the 30,000 Iraqi and Shiite troops
take Tikrit from less than 2000 ISIS fuck heads about to die,
and take a lot of people with them no doubt.

Is Iran really a nuclear threat?

[Image: Copy_of_You_Bet.jpg]

The Republican letter to Iran however gives a clear message
on where the Republican candidates stand.
They just appointed Beelzebubby here,
as Secretary of Defense.

Benjamin Netanyahu is a Dick Head,
that has deep throat influence on US politics.

[Image: netanyahu-bomb-un.jpg]

So just like the US election,
the global politics is full dick heads,
where citizens "democratically" choose
who is the more politically ... palatable ...  Rofl
dick head to be in power.

In Russia, you just assassinate the opponent,
and always blame it it on rogue Chechens.

[Image: sochi-murder-putin.jpg]
Quote:Four maintained their innocence and kept their faces covered with paper,
under hoods, or with their hands.
But investigators say one man, Zaur Dadayev, has admitted involvement

Hillary Clinton in the national email swamp of being held accountable.
If she survives this cesspool, she will survive anything,
except the perhaps inevitable heart attack from stress.
She makes Thatcher look like a powder puff.

Slippier than a hot teflon pan full of bitter sweet "I can't believe it's not butter".

[Image: 2014-06-11t155415z1813105711gm1ea6b1uc10...linton.jpg]

Better pray for Hillary if you are democrat.

Now what would be more dreadful and boring,
than a Biden - Bush
race for president?



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