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Next President of the United Fates of America

Beelze-Bibi retakes the throne in Israel.
Satanyahu will be the man that drops the bomb on Iranian nuclear facilities,
and ultimately takes down Assad.
Personally I think it is a big mistake by the Israeli population,
they needed a new face for certain
but then we had GW Bush for 8 years,
and now Jeb is front and center to take the republican nomination.

The Fracturing of Vladimir Putin Whip

Meanwhile, Putin has been on a vacation to avoid the Nemtsov assassination,
conveniently blamed on Chechens.

In Russia you maintain your power base by murdering all your opponents.
Putin is the Great Assassin in Russia Whip

The next American president will have to deal directly with the Kremlin Kriminals,
who are going to stranglehold Russia into the next decade.

The fracturing of Vladimir Putin as the power mogul in Russia has begun though.
Slowly but surely he will fall in Russian public opinion,
and as well in global opinion.

How many "Chechen terrorists" can Putin dredge up from the FSB gutter?

Take the time to read this article,
as it unveils the trouble to come for Putin.
A Showdown in Moscow’s Power Elite

Quote:Nemtsov’s murder, they declared,
was actually ordered by Adam Osmayev,
the Chechen leader of a Ukrainian battalion  Rofl
that has been fighting pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine.


Quote:That theory was immediately rejected by the friends and relatives of Nemtsov.
The socialite-turned-oppositionist Ksenia Sobchak,
who knew Nemtsov well,
declared that the charges against Osmayev
had more to do with anti-Ukrainian propaganda than with a viable scenario.

(Among other things, the FSB claim failed to explain why
a pro-Ukrainian Chechen would have targeted Nemtsov,
who was a strong critic of Moscow’s policies in Ukraine.)  Whip

Sobchak recently had to hire personal bodyguards
after her own name turned up on a reported hit list.

Quote:The arrests have prompted a flurry of speculation about a rift within Russia’s power elite.
On one side is Kadyrov,
a brutal autocrat who has kept tight control over his fractious republic
with the blessing of President Vladimir Putin.

On the other is a coterie of top-ranking Moscow security officials who, it’s said,
have long resented Kadyrov’s inroads into areas
they consider their own preserve.

Still, until recently the police and the FSB (the Federal Security Service,)
had shown a notable lack of interest in calling Kadyrov’s loyalists to order.
Now, at a stroke, all that has changed. Whip

After the news of his men’s arrest broke,
Kadyrov waited almost a day before issuing a reaction ...
He then published a post to his Instagram account
in which he explicitly defended the main suspect,
calling Dadayev
a “patriot of Russia.”

Quote:never before has Putin’s Russia experienced the murder
of such a high-profile politician (and right in the heart of Moscow at that).
The mysterious vanishing act of Putin himself,
who has just re-appeared in public after staying out of sight for nearly 10 days,
added to the jitters.

Quote:Kadyrov’s declaration of support for the lead suspect
was a clear signal to his opponents:
Putin’s man in Chechnya is not happy that his men have been humiliated in Moscow.

Images of security forces with Russian tricolor badges on their uniforms
hauling the bearded Chechens into court in handcuffs,
arms twisted behind their backs,
astonished many viewers.

Quote:“For the first time in his 15-year long rule Putin Horsepoop
has run into a really serious problem:
a virtually open conflict
between the two pillars of his power
the federal security establishment and Ramzan Kadyrov.”
Was Nemtsov’s Murder a Warning to Putin?
Quote:Whichever scenario is more accurate,
Nemtsov’s death has surely closed off a more liberal course for Putin.

The president is now more reliant than ever on the hardliners around him,
and by extension on those who have publicly driven the violence in Ukraine.

Nemtsov was the first of those closely associated with former president Boris Yeltsin
to have suffered a politically linked death.
Others more clearly associated with the Yeltsin clique will have drawn their own conclusions.

The president has spoken no conciliatory words beyond his first,
and surely minimal, condemnation.
The implication is that he can more easily ignore the liberals than the nationalist radicals.

Whether Putin has chosen or just accepted this hardline course,
he cannot now change it without breaking with a part of his ruling circle.
{Russian} Official Raises Doubts on Confession in Nemtsov Case
Quote:MOSCOW — A member of the Kremlin’s advisory council Whip
on human rights
said on Wednesday that the main suspect in the shooting death
of a high-profile opposition figure
was most likely forced to confess under duress,
and that his two cousins in detention had been tortured.

Quote:After visiting the three Chechens,
who were among five suspects imprisoned on Sunday in Lefortovo Prison in Moscow,
Andrei Babushkin, a rights activist,
said that the men had suffered multiple injuries after their arrest.

In a summary of the visit posted on the council’s website,
Mr. Babushkin also reported that another man arrested at the same time as Zaur S. Dadayev,
the main suspect,
had disappeared and said that he had asked Russia’s top law enforcement agency
to account for his whereabouts.

The 40-member presidential council —
officially the Council Under the President of the Russian Federation
for the Development of Civil Society and Human Rights —

has a reputation for a certain degree of independence
and a real interest in some human rights issues like the treatment of prisoners.
Not all members sign every statement,
but rights experts said overall committee members do serious, trusted work.

The report caused an immediate stir in the Russian government.

The Investigative Committee, which is responsible for looking into the Feb. 27 killing
of the opposition figure, Boris Y. Nemtsov, near the Kremlin,
accused Mr. Babushkin and Eva Merkacheva, Whip
another rights official,  Whip
of violating the law. Whip

The statement issued by the committee questioned the motives
of Mr. Babushkin and Ms. Merkacheva,
hinting that they could face charges of trying to hinder the investigation of a crime,
which carries a possible jail sentence of up to six months.

Mr. Babushkin said Mr. Dadayev had told him that after he was arrested on March 5, he was starved, given only sips of water three or four times a day and left hooded until he was taken to Moscow for his court appearance on Sunday.

Quote:“There are reasonable grounds to believe that Dadayev and the Gubashevs were tortured,”
Mr. Babushkin wrote.

Putin with Chechen leader Kadyrov
[Image: ?m=02&d=20081017&t=2&i=6425684&w=&fh=&fw...P_0_RUSSIA]

Quote:In 1996, Chechnya won effective independence from Russia
after a 20 month-war in which tens of thousands were killed.

Three years later Russia's then-prime minister Vladimir Putin
moved troops into Chechnya to retake the region.

During Putin's subsequent presidency from 2000-2008,
the rebellion was extinguished.

It would be quite a sight to see Hillary in a global political showdown
with Putin
if she gets elected.
Be it Hillary or Bush,
the claws of the Eagle will have to scar the face of the Bear.

[Image: 535e9c781556f.preview-800.jpg]

[Image: 5310f72c75e7b.preview-500.jpg]

[Image: HUdNc.jpg]

[Image: riding7.jpg]

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