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Next President of the United Fates of America
Nauseated by the election politics and the presidential horse race?

This shit head ... that shit head .... pointing fingers,
and talking shit.

try voting in the up and coming One World Government,
as one billion Chinese Whip
will be voting for the guy in the front center of below image.

The three World Government candidates in the front center as well,
--- for the world to vote on?
--- or for nation leaders to vote on?
--- or do they take turns in a musical chairs merry go round?

[Image: 8507.jpg]

A Chinese industrial noodle swamp is what the Chinese leader will turn the world into.

[Image: obama1.jpg]

Putin certainly is an obvious popular pick.
He might win.
Putin straining out a bogus smile while Ping tells a Chinese restaurant joke.

[Image: original_big.jpg]

Obama would probably take third place unfortunately,
but I bet that Jeb Bush would do a lot worse,
and Hillary ...
well holy shit,
Hillary might get the lion's share of the female population of the planet to vote her in.

[Image: 023-0401115611-40hillary_queen_usa-727441.jpg]

[Image: Queen-Hillary.jpg]

Would Putin accept even the One World Czar nomination?
Without hesitation.
[Image: tumblr_n2pojyEido1rgo5q5o1_500.jpg]

The global vote is in,
it's a tie
President Putin and Prime Minsiter Hillary Clinton of the World Government

[Image: 120908_clinton_putin_reu_328.jpg]

[Image: 2994361062_52f6f44f03.jpg]

Voters / rioters during the 2036 Global Election being welcomed by NWO police
[Image: The-US-Park-Police-Is-the-New-UN-Police-Force.jpg]

the helping hands  Dunno
[Image: New-World-Order-355x252.jpeg]

How much global currency will you have save up for retirement?
[Image: UFWC-coin1.jpg]

a great cartoon image
from The Paradise Post Whip
[Image: illuminati-control.jpg]

  Rofl Guitar Rofl


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