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Next President of the United Fates of America

Jeb talking shit that goes all toilet paper as Washington Post points to Rubio

Marco Rubio bests Jeb Bush on foreign policy

Quote:For now,
a State Department-mentality of excessive caution and vagueness is hurting Bush.

Quote:What Bush does not say
is that he will refuse to abide by any deal
that fails to cut off Iran’s pathway to the bomb
and which Congress has not approved.

So he is good on the analysis but fuzzy Rofl on what he would do differently.

OK, to see the Bush quotes, go to the link and read.
Below are Rubio responses on a radio show,
as highlighted by WP.

Quote:MR: Well first of all, we need to remember what’s not being covered by these negotiations,
which are just as important as their nuclear ambition,
and that’s the intercontinental ballistic missiles
that they’re developing.

And it’s very reasonable that before the end of this decade,
Iran could possess a long range rocket that could reach the United States,
the Continental U.S.
They’re rapidly, that’s not even being covered by these negotiations.
They’re not even the subject of sanctions.
And I think that alone is a reason to be imposing sanctions on Iran,
not to mention their state sponsorship of terrorism.

That being said, any agreement that allows Iran to retain enrichment capability Whip
leaves in place the infrastructure they will need
in five, ten, eight, whenever they decide to ramp up enrichment and produce a weapon,
if the only thing standing between them and a nuclear weapon becomes,
and the ability to deliver it through a long range rocket
becomes the ability to enrich at a higher level,
that’s the easiest switch to flip.

And you saw the North Koreans follow a model such as this.
So I just think the deal is premised on an agreement
on something that is totally unacceptable,
and quite frankly,
abandons almost a decade of sanctions built on the idea originally
that they would not be allowed to enrich.

And by the way, the Saudis, the Turks, the Egyptians, even the Jordanians
have made very clear that whatever Iran is allowed to do under this agreement,
they will expect the same.

So if Iran is allowed to enrich up to 5%, 20% for research,
the Saudis are going to insist on the same capability.
And you suddenly are going to have region awash with nuclear infrastructure.

HH: . . . If that deal is in fact signed by President Obama that allows them to retain enrichment, and if you run for president, and if you win, would you revoke that deal?

MR: Yes. . . . Absolutely, and I already have.
And the point, because it’s not, first of all,
it’s not an enforceable deal as we made clear in the Cotton letter.
It won’t survive this president in terms of you know,
a future president will have to decide whether to live by it or not.
It’s not enforceable Whip

It doesn’t have the force of law.
Now if he brings it to the Congress and can get it passed,
that’s a different story.

He’s indicated that he prefers to take it to the United Nations instead of the U.S. Congress.

The second point I would make is that I think it’ll be difficult
to reassemble the international sanctions if this falls apart,
but nonetheless, we should be willing to lead unilaterally.
And I think others will ultimately see it.

And the third is I anticipate the Iranians will take advantage of any loopholes they can find
in the deal, and I think they’ll flat out try to violate portions of it.

You know, Iran has other challenges ahead.
They’re going to have a succession fight fairly soon when the Supreme Leader passes
from the scene.
And it’s very possible that the new leader of Iran,
after the current leader vanishes,
could be someone even more radical, as hard as that is to imagine.
And that’s something to keep an eye on as well.

By Jeb Bush:
a lengthy summation

Quote:Even when presented with evidence of treachery committed by the Iranians,
the Obama administration turns the other way.
Iran was caught cheating on previous agreements related to its nuclear program;
Obama officials dismissed the matter,
calling it a “mistake”
by a low-level employee.  Rofl

Such is the state of the administration’s inability to conduct basic diplomacy:
It always believes Iran’s excuses,
but never its threats.
Those threats keep coming.
Iran’s leaders condemn America and its allies routinely.
Iran’s supreme leader, Ali Khamenei,
did so just last Saturday:
“Death to America,” he said.
This is supposed to be a reliable partner?

from Whip
[Image: 000_nic6261127.jpg]
Quote:An Iranian man holds an effigy of Uncle Sam with a rope around his neck
outside the former US embassy in Tehran on November 4, 2013,
during a demonstration to mark the 34th anniversary of the 1979 US embassy takeover.

a blogger with "bible prophecy" evangelical christian background --- {for perspective}

Quote:After graduating in 1988 from Syracuse University,
he worked for Rush Limbaugh Rofl as a research assistant.
Later he worked for U.S. Presidential candidate Steve Forbes as a campaign advisor.

Quote:Rosenberg is the founder and President of The Joshua Fund,
a not-for-profit charity[16]
that seeks to "Bless Israel and her neighbors in the name of Jesus,
according to Genesis 12:1-3."

As Khamenei urges “Death to America,”
Kerry insists progress being made on nuclear deal.
The administration is playing with fire.
March 22, 2015
[Image: khamenei-closeup.jpg]

Quote:We are rapidly approaching the March 31st deadline for the Iran nuclear negotiations.

Quote:Iran’s leaders keep openly and unabashedly threatening America
and Israel with annihilation.

Yet the Obama administration and the major world powers
keep giving Iran what it wants.
Under the current deal that’s being discussion,
Iran does not have to dismantle its nuclear infrastructure.  Whip
It will still be allowed to enrich uranium. Rofl
It does not have to disclose its nuclear weaponization efforts. Whistle
It does not have to modify much less abandon its efforts to build ICBMs.  Hmm2

And it will be given assurances
that all economic sanctions will be removed from Iran in due time,
and all nuclear inspectors will be removed, as well.

Here is the latest:

“Iran’s Supreme leader Ali Khamenei
called for ‘Death to America’ on Saturday,
a day after President Barack Obama appealed to Iran
to seize a ‘historic opportunity’ for a nuclear deal and a better future,
and as US Secretary of State John Kerry claimed substantial progress toward an accord,”
reports the Times of Israel.

“Khamenei told a crowd in Tehran that Iran
would not capitulate to Western demands,” the Times noted.

“When the crowd started shouting Scream
‘Death to America,’
the ayatollah responded:
‘Of course yes, death to America,
because America is the original source of this pressure.'”

The Times noted that “Khamenei’s comments
contrasted with those of Iranian President Hassan Rohani,
who said ‘achieving a deal is possible’ by the March 31 target date for a preliminary accord.”

The deadline is March 31st.
If Iran doesn't concede or sign into something palatable,
then I think we are going to see a completely different Obama Damned

we shall see soon Coffee2


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