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Next President of the United Fates of America
Cat Woman ... Anne Coulter

burying the shit deep into the Cat Litter Box

Still no reports of Hillary Fever outbreaks

Quote:No one really likes Hillary. Nonono 
Ask Bill. 
Like Toni Morrison novels, 
most people just pretend to like Hillary just so liberals will leave them alone. 

She's a bore. Whip

She has the warmth of an Arctic ice floe. Rofl

She hates people, Pissed  

and they hate her SpidereekA


She makes children cry Rofl

and puppies shy away from her Rofl

Nobody wants to watch her wallow around in those neon pantsuits for the next five years Jawdrop

This is just fucking hilarious
Ann Coulter’s deranged Indiana freakout: 

Blasts Christians who would rather “change bedpans of Ebola patients” 
than stand up for anti-gay pizza parlor

Quote:“It’s Christianity that the left hates most of all 
because that is the foundation of our country
 and all of our freedoms come from that,” Coulter said. 

“The rest of the world is a cesspool of violence and atrocities. 
This is the most consequential nation on Earth 
and the fact that these Christians would rather get praise from the New York Times 
and Nicholas Kristof 
by changing bedpans of Ebola patients in Nigeria, 
rather than stand up to the New York Times 
and fight against abortion and fight against these bullies, 
and I don’t think it’s gay bullies, 
I think it’s as you call them, 
secular progressives or liberals. 
The media, they’re the ones who are trying to tear down this country 
by going directly at the heart of America which is Christianity.”

She continued: 

“The small town owners of pizzeria have more Christian courage 
than most Christian leaders and certainly the Republican party.”

Cat Scratch Fever ... aka ... Anne, please bend over for Ted Nugent
and give Mr. Freeze {scott walker} a blow job.


Quote:“Glad to hear Walker is smoking out the cheap labor hacks,” she said. 

“What on Earth are they saying? 
He gave them no opening! 
Walker said, quite properly, 
that we can’t keep doing this to our poor and working class. 
Are they saying we shouldn’t care about our poor and working class?”

Earlier this week, Walker—
during an appearance on Glenn Beck’s radio show—
laid out how he plans to stand up for American workers 
against not just illegal immigration but also any massive increase in legal immigration. 

Walker also doubled down on Megyn Kelly’s show on Fox News, 
prompting the entire Institutional Left 
ranging from the Huffington Post 
to Mother Jones magazine 
to berate him with, 
with several in GOP establishment circles ----> including Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) 
and other liberal GOP senators joining. 

Walker has held firm, 
earning praise from conservative luminaries 
like National Review editor Rich Lowry and now Coulter, among others.

Previously, Coulter –in an interview with a Los Angeles Fox affiliate–
 she hates the entire 2016 GOP field 

“I hate them all except Scott Walker Rofl
and my only issue with Walker is — 
and it isn’t a big issue, 
but I just think people are going to see him onstage, 
see questions about… trade with China, 
what are you going to do with Russia 
and think ‘damn, 

I wish that were Romney up there,’” Coulter said. Rofl

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