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Next President of the United Fates of America
... The Intense Pressure to Say Nothing

Quote:It’s possibly no coincidence that Hillary Clinton started her presidential run 
the same week Hmm2
that astronomical scientists at the University of Hawaii in Manoa  
announced the discovery of a Supervoid  Jawdrop 
a structure in space 
18 billion light-years across
and “distinguished by its unusual emptiness.”   Rofl

The Supervoid sits in a part of the cosmos known as the Cold Spot, 
where there’s far less matter to observe than elsewhere throughout the universe.

It’s a perfect analogy for how Hillary Clinton’s opponents 

seek to characterize her: 
as someone who is profoundly visible yet hard to identify. 
She is politics’ Dark Matter: 
We know she’s there, but we just can’t describe her. 
Is she on the left or the right, 
is she a friend of the rich or the poor,  Dunno
is she a testosterone-fueled superhawk  Horsepoop
or a grandmatronly van-driver 
popping into Chipotle for a chat with the staff?

Yet Hillary’s identity problem is prominent Anon
only because she has been on the public stage for so long.
It’s a magnified version of a debilitating crisis of identity
that sits at the heart of national American politics,
the real Supervoid
that constricts and confines most presidential candidates:
and that is, the intense pressure to say nothing Whip

we just hit 2000 views, not bad, 
The Joker is taking in 100 million $

Quote:This past weekend in Miami, 
Bush told his biggest donors that he expected to beat
previous early Republican fundraising records,

pledging that he had raised more money for the super PAC in his first 100 days 
than any prior Republican has ever done for their campaign in the early stages. 

Left unsaid were the different rules Bush plays by, 
as he tightly skates around campaign finance rules 
that would make the massive hauls impossible.

... he's still eclipsing anybody else by three or four," said Fred Malek, 
a top Republican fundraiser. 

Bush has reportedly set an early goal of raising $100 million 
for his super PAC, a target denied by Bush aides. 
No sums were released to donors in Miami this weekend, 
but Bush's super PAC will have to disclose its total contributions this summer.

The 100 milliion $ candidate
[Image: Jeb%20Bush.png]

[Image: _2009_03_ronald-reagan1.jpg]

Larry Flynt endorses Hillary Clinton

Jeb Bush: Give 11 Million Immigrants A Chance To Stay

Quote:Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush declared Wednesday 
that 11 million immigrants in the country illegally should have an opportunity to stay, 
wading yet again into his party's contentious immigrant debate.

In tone and substance, Bush stands out among the many Republicans 
lining up for the GOP's next presidential primary, 
where conservatives who oppose an immigration overhaul often hold outsized influence. 

As he moves toward a presidential campaign, 
the brother and son of former presidents 
has not backed away from his defense of immigrants in the country illegally 
and a policy that would allow them to attain legal status under certain conditions.

"We're a nation of immigrants," 

Bush said at the National Christian Hispanic Leadership Conference 
that brought several hundred Hispanic evangelical leaders to Houston this week. 
"This is not the time to abandon something that makes us special and unique."

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