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Next President of the United Fates of America
Today was National Vomit Day in the presidential races.

Hillary held a big rally and El Stupidissimo announced his presidential campaign,
predictably setting the stage for the Hillary - Jeb finale.

If Jeb - el Stupidissimo - Bush makes it there past the momentum of Rubio and Walker.

So this was the TV media news coverage:

Hillary ----> :989<---- El Stupidissimo Jeb Beanpole Bush on his Texas ZZ Top Velcro Fly Diet

Jeb Bush in 1976 doing his best Adolf Bush imitation
Jeb Bush in a Texas Commerce Bancshares Inc. advertisement in the May-June 1976 edition of the Alcalde,
the University of Texas alumni magazine.
[Image: Jeb-Bush-001_jpg_800x1000_q100.jpg]

Yak Pennywise 

[Image: o-JEB-BUSH-1994-570.jpg]

El Stupidissimo
Jeb Bush
and his 
National Security Advisor George Bushtard Bush

[Image: kUGj7r9.jpg]

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