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Next President of the United Fates of America
Donald Dump

he had some interesting comments

Quote:The American Dream is dead Whip


Quote:build a stone wall along the Mexican border and make the mexicans pay for it Hmm2

and {close quote}

Quote:...if you think the stock market was a bubble when it burst ... watch out for what is happening now

Dump will keep the other Republican candidates on their toes
and he might just make El Stupidissimo look even more doltish than he already does.
Rubio, and Paul still are the best choices with Walker on the sidelines playing Karma Chameleon
Donald Dump makes for political entertainment in a painful field of Republican stooges.
In between his faux - pas and political slobber he hits on some excellent topics with a new perspective,
regardless of the pompousity in his political positioning prior to the debates.

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