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Next President of the United Fates of America
Quote:Have you ever wondered how a politician disliked by most could fill a room with screaming supporters giving the perception they have your local communities support?
Look no further than a company called “Crowds on Demand“, a company who hires multi-talented actors who are experts of improvisational theatre to provide the illusion of support for a candidate. Nothing draws a crowd, like a crowd.
The company who has provided its services for athletes, artists and fashion people has recently admitted to providing services for both Republican and Democrat candidates.
[Image: adamswart.jpg]Ceo and founder Adam Swart was emailed a few questions about his services by activist Ian Cioffi.  The company owner was asked if his system is proven to work in U.S. politics?
Swart claimed, he has done work for “dozens of candidates in the US primarily but not exclusively Republican. Mostly they are candidates who suffer from lack of enthusiasm/turnout at rallies and in need of a ‘game change’. The candidates have been primarily congressional/senate candidates. We’ve only worked with one presidential candidate thus far.”
So what other benefits could a company of this magnitude offer?
Adam went on to express that they could even go miles further with their expertise and can give a sense of legitimacy for the candidate.
Quote:“I have found our approach has led to increased poll numbers and, in many case made the margin of victory for a few reasons:
A) Photo-ops at rallies. Having a diverse group of people (race/gender/age) around the candidate is critical especially for those who are constantly followed by reporters but even for those who only get a couple pieces per day.
B) Enthusiastic crowds bring more media attention and shift the narrative onto grassroots supporters. Press always want to understand why people support candidate x or candidate y. Giving them great footage of enthusiastic supporters speaking about their love for the candidate provides great quotations.
C) Gives a sense of legitimacy for the candidate among their existing supporters. When they see lots of enthusiastic folks at rallies, they feel like they’re backing the right horse.
D) Bolsters the candidates’ self-confidence. Some candidates knew about the paid crowds and other times we have been hired by outside organizations. In both cases, seeing more supporters gave them the confidence to up their game on stage.”
When the founder of Crowds on Demand was asked “what reassurances do you offer that the crowd does not leak the fact that they were paid to arrive?”

that right there is a prime example of the shit that's wrong with us.
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