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Next President of the United Fates of America
Americans get "3 strikes" ... and you are out ... of ... circulation Whip
and in jail.

Francisco Shit Head Sanchez got 5 strikes it appears,
and got a free ride home each time, where he belonged.

At the time of deportation 4, he should have been put in prison,
but it costs too much money to jail all the Mexicans.

It does not however cost too much money to jail all the Americans, especially on drug or marijuana charges.

something wrong there

The federal government should be held financially liable for Steinle's death,
unless the deportations were all by California state, then that liability should be put on the state.

Another solution is quite Donald Dump-ish in content,
such that on the third strike for Shit Head Sanchez,
or third deportation,
he gets deported to shark infested waters 50 yards off the coast of Mexico,
and told to go swim the ocean currents of the Rio Diablo Devil back to Mexico.

Hmm2 Whip

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