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Next President of the United Fates of America

Quote:Still thinking Rubio will be back in the spotlight before it's all over.

After Scott Walker officially jumps in?
.... after Donald Humpty Trumpty falls off of the Mexican border wall?
or maybe before Jeb El Stupidissimo Bush starts spending 114 million? 

Rubio has made a serious strategic blunder by disappearing right when Bush announced his candidacy.
He needed to come out swinging with political steam,
and not go on a fund raising trip that barely fed a lean piggy bank.
And that will be his demise, funding,
unless ... out of left field, ... out of the blue boo hoo, ... out of the rabbit hole in the magicians hat,
he wins the debates.

The spotlight is on Donald Dump.
You have to give him credit for gaining a polls lead in the face of all the national criticism,
regardless of how temporary that may be.

Bush is settling in because his back pocket cash cow politcal piggy trough of 114 million dollars
would make anyone comfortable enough,
when the pandering media slops up endless positive propaganda TV face time for El Stupidissimo and his bankroll.  
so now, 
Bush feels comfortable enough to feel confident that he doesn't look so awkward and silly nilly on the nightly news.

No, I think that Rubio will end up being a Bush man in the end game.
The first debate is on August 6. That is where Rubio will have to outshine all the rest.

Quote:The speech had a distinctly celebratory air as Mr. Trump lauded the “massive” crowds
he has drawn and the attention he has brought to immigration
and other issues that he said “weak” politicians were afraid to address.

Quote:The speech, hosted by the Republican Party of Maricopa County, 
drew several thousand people to the Phoenix Convention Center, 
making it one of the largest events for any candidate so far, 

He came to Phoenix after addressing a series of private and public audiences
Friday and Saturday in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

“This has become a movement because people don’t know what’s happening,” Mr. Trump said. 

“We can’t be great if we don’t have a border.”

If Trump could use a little forethought into inflammatory commentary,
he might be an excellent candidate with great potential.
He is completely different than the entirety of the Republican package of candidates.

Quote:the Flag thingy
was used to set up Nikki Haley
as Jeb's running mate.


[Image: haley-gun.jpg]

She will shoot Bush in the foot.
Rubio would be wise to present himself to Bush as VP potential.

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