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Next President of the United Fates of America
an uninspiring and boring pack of Republican dick heads Whip
is what causes 
to surge to the top of the polls

They all have been Trumped by flash in the pan politics.

He can only sustain it until the debates, and there he will have to prove himself in direct battle
in front of and against the entire gauntlet of Republican dummy dusters.
And he just might pull it off.

I am hoping that Rand Paul makes a good showing.
I am still waiting for Rubio to recapture that initail shining knight in DC possibility that suddenly evaporated.
I am already ... ready ... to Yak on Bush in anticipation of his predicatable slobber and vomit.
I expect Ted Cruz to jack in the box his pomp to the fullest.
I think that Scott Walker will be stinky weasel du jour,
and that Perry and Christie should mud wrestle for hot dogs as the entertainment for the evening.

Who did I leave out?
Uninspring shit heads?
Hillary will be watching them all debate,
with a tickle in her panties, as they go for each other's throat in those debates.  


Joaquin El Chapo Guzman and Jeb El Stupidissimo Bush certainly have one thing in common.
They know that money can buy you just about anything,
if you have a large criminal or corporate national security political organization behind you to facilitate making shit happen,
with all that money.

You buy people in crime and in politics.

how much did El Chapo spend to escape from the penitentiary?
a lot less
than Bush will spend to escape from Donald Trump Rofl



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