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Next President of the United Fates of America
I agree, and give Trump credit for being the only one {besides Paul} 
with enough guts and honesty to just say it like he sees it without having to suck up to the media,
and public perceptions.

They had him on the interviews this morning on TV, with his comments on McCain.
He has them all spinning like tops that he sets into motion.
He baits them excellently, and they follow up like dogs fetching a stick.

The polls this morning show Jeb El Stupidissimo Bush trailing both Trump and Walker.
The Walker surge is temporary, and just recognition of him stepping into the race officially.

What was interesting in the polls was to see Rand Paul slowly but surely moving up, at 8%.

Rubio threw away his candidacy when he allowed El Stupidissimo to announce his candidacy,
and Rubio ran and hid in what he called "fund raising"
when he should have come out swinging right then.
And that is what Trump did.
As soon as Bush threw his hat into the ring of candidates, Trump attacked the lame POS Bush.

Rubio will regret that for a long time, 
and it makes you wonder if he just basically conceded to the Bush money.

Meanwhile that sewer rat Christie was asked on CNN why he thought his numbers were so low in the polls at 2%.
Christie is too stupid to recognize that he is a lost cause like that worm Perry.

Trump is a better politician than the rest of them.
He would look great sitting there confronting Putin, Assad or Iran.
Think about bean pole Bush lame dogging his way against Putin.
What a joke.

Trump is leading in the polls because everybody recognizes that the rest of the trash are just lip service louts.
I am liking him more and more, and it is Trump that is offering the entertainment
to liven up the race as the rest of them are doing this 989 to each other,
with nothing of substance to say.
Just puke.

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