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Next President of the United Fates of America
many things will effect the next election.
Quote:Oregon law requires public employees and elected officials to abide by the basic rule children learn in math: Show your work.
They must save and share their work on paper documents, digital files and email.

Yet at nearly every rung of government, from unpaid school board members to the former U.S. secretary of state, officials are using personal email accounts that may help them keep public work hidden, shield them from being accountable and increase the chance files will be lost or leaked.

In Oregon, few jurisdictions definitively address the issue with employees and elected officials.

An informal survey by The Oregonian/OregonLive of a dozen state and local agencies found that only one – the state Bureau of Labor and Industries – forbids staff and leaders from using personal emails to conduct public work. At best, the majority of agencies remind employees that personal emails are public records and encourage forwarding them to work accounts, the survey found.

The problem with personal emails became vividly clear as the scandal surrounding John Kitzhaber and Cylvia Hayes led to the release – after many months of public records battles – of thousands of emails from the former governor, his fiancée and his top-level staffers.
The release showed Kitzhaber used his private email to pursue everything from basic office policies to highly sensitive strategies for reducing Oregon's pension plans and pushing forward on construction of the Columbia River Crossing.
Additional record requests have shown the practice was widespread in his administration. A recent request for work emails from personal accounts of his last two chiefs of staff produced 967 emails and attachments. That was just communications with Kitzhaber or Hayes.

Some public agencies' policies are more strongly worded than others, stating that public work done on personal accounts or devices belongs to the agency. Yet no agencies check to ensure employees and elected officials follow guidelines.
Universally, the policies rely on employees readily making their personal accounts available to their employers. But that's not always the case.
When Hayes came under scrutiny last October, she stopped responding to requests for the private emails on which she conducted state business and she didn't provide her emails to the governor's office. Attorneys for Hayes and Kitzhaber are fighting to keep their personal emails private.

"This is really concerning for me. This is a part of our basic training," said Mary Beth Herkert, the state archivist. She is responsible for retaining public records and disposing of them when legal timelines pass.
"Public officials," she said, "should never mix business with their personal life."

Public records laws
Oregon's public records
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