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Next President of the United Fates of America

Other than Rand Paul ... the choices are slim ... so Trump as the biggest dick head candidate,
is showing how "big ten inch" politics works,
and he isn't sliming around with double talk like most of the rest of them.
In that regard ... that is why he is polling so well.

Actually would like to see him sustain the momentum,
and keep Jeb inside the rim of the toilet,
as Jeb flounders with mediocrity and shallow substance.

Only Rand Paul has shown similar spunk lately, that Trump has shown repeatedly. 

The rest of the candidates bore you to death.
The public begins to sicken of Hillary,
who at this point is dangerously treading down the same slide into the glue trap for rats,
that she did when Obama overtook her. 

messy, messy, messy.

Trump remains the entertainment factor,
and all he has to do is do OK in the debtaes,'
and let the rest of the clowns bore the public to death.

I was reading a link on Trump's ancestry.
he comes from a European family name of ... Drumpfe ....

ya mon .. Herr Drumpfe Whip

people like to see Trump dump on other candiddates.
because people are so sick of the other candidates such that all the people want to Yak on them,
and Drumpfe Rofl
does it for them .... every day. 


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