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Next President of the United Fates of America
Quote:July 31, 2015
This site and Leading Edge Radio released a taped interview at 10pm on July 30th on
Leading Edge Radio Network's channel 1.

A Clinton Presidential era Pentagon Medical Staff, Military Insider who revealed what she knew, in her own words about meeting Monica at the Pentagon and live tissue, full term, aborted babies for bio-weapons research.

Dr. Mary Winfrey contacted us here at "a SCANDAL a day" after reading a WND interview with Kathleen Willey. Dr. Winfrey explained that she was once part of a military research group, in the area of bio weapons research. Her group was assigned to create antidotes.  Her research group was offered "live tissue, full term, aborted babies for this research.
This NEW authorization to conduct research on babies came via a presidentially authorized memo and the babies were being furnished by the government.

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Go ahead invite Yoda to a Frog leg dinner

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