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Next President of the United Fates of America

Trump wins by not losing, by simply holding his own in the debate.

That is all he had to do in the first debate.
he will get better at the whole game quickly,
and the next debate isn;t that far away.
My bets are that he will emerge relatively unscathed by just losing a few points at most.

A day prior to the debate Trump was talking about how awful Bush is,
with his arms spread out like this Dunno
Quote:... Bush, he doesn't even know how to put on a suit and tie ...

That is great entertainment.
Trump is affecting Bush and Walker the most in polls, but primarily Bush.
Bush lost the debate from my viewpoint.
He did nothing to stimulate anybody beyond a drowsey sigh,
and is very slow to display any momentum in sharp tack politicking.

Bush is like Buddy Hackett trying to be a serious politician defining domestic and foreign policy.
You can only take so much of the dummy dusting.
[Image: 5MGBuddyHackett.jpg]

Trump is like the teflon Houdini  ... nothing sticks ... nothing ties his hands for very long
[Image: article-0-0041081A00000258-254_233x276.jpg]

the teflon houdini

Chris Christie is toast, he is as uselss as the sheriff in the Man who shot Liberty Valance
[Image: the-man-who-shot-liberty-valance-3-7-mov...146169.jpg]

Rand Paul shredded Christie,
and did well enough, he is actually just as big of a target as Trump is.
the revolution needs to rev up some more traction
[Image: f567c7c5bd737a3444b4e801c8de76d1.jpg]

the revolution has just hit the wall, now smash through it

Rubio manages to stay alive on his feet gaining some attention,
He is kind of like the better late than never candidate,
[Image: bltn.jpg]

Cruz is still The Penguin
[Image: burgess-meredith-penguin.jpg]

and Scott Walker is, and always will be a Weasel
[Image: latest?cb=20140516215220]

and Carly Fiorina
well ... she is a weak tit compared to Hillary,
but smart enough to get the Judge Judy award
[Image: 18erh2l60zfkxjpg.jpg]

Rick Perry still sucks hot dogs and nobody wants to see him do it anymore

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