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Next President of the United Fates of America

Oh man oh man ... lol
after the debate the Breitbart news commentary said this about   Arrow  Jeb Bush

Quote:Jeb looks more like Caitlyn Jenner every day. Jawdrop


they weren't too kind to Rubio either

Quote:Rubio is a field mouse  Nibble
He looks 14. 
He’s well-spoken, rather like an ingratiating bell boy at the hotel, 
who keeps trying to engage you in conversation every morning, 
so you duck into the elevator to avoid him.

and this is the surprise of the debates --- Cruz did well --- why? --- because he isn't stupid like Bush

Quote:Cruz did the best after Trump,
including pointing out that he was the only one to vote against Rubio’s amnesty, 
which he called “Schumer’s amnesty.”

Note that Cruz <----> was a Princeton debate champion ... Hmm2

Huffington Post tried to run a bus over Cruz the day before the debates ...
Ted Cruz's Claim to Truth Is a Big Fat Lie

check out the Mother Jones post debate graph:

[Image: blog_change_support_first_debate.jpg]

El Stupidissimo Bush Whip and Weasel Walker  Rofl

It was Ted Cruz that gained the most in the debate, but Trump still won.

Rubio needs to do more than break even. Nonono


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