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Next President of the United Fates of America
As a Canuck I try to stay out of american politics.

So not being political I can at least lampoon with satire.

[Image: republicans-just-passed-a-resolution-to-...linton.jpg]

[Image: LoughnerPix.jpg]

 [Image: Picture+17.jpg]

[Image: clinton.jpg] 

Not a Safeway to shop for a preturbed psychotic president.

[Image: gifford-gun.jpg]

[Image: gop-Jared-Lee-Loughner.jpg]

[Image: web-hillary-clinton-getty.jpg][Image: 130106-holmes-vsml-1p.380;380;7;70;0.jpg]

I hope you have enough Self defense as you can muster because these types seem to cluster after a filibuster.
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