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Next President of the United Fates of America

Essentially the Trump entry into the Republican race timed right exactly after the Bush announcement for candidacy,
was a primetime political maneuver to upstage and completely deteriorate any possible Bush momentum.

Trump hates Bush ... is my take on the whole affair, the entire Trump pantomine was initiated and staged ...
to .... bushwhack Bush Whip

The problem Trump encountered is that even he was somewhat surprised at the magnitude of his success,
and now he is riding the unexpected tidal wave by what he knows best --- how to wing it spontaneously,
and ride out the wave to the beach.

You do hear him say this way too much:

"trust me, believe me ... I will ... do everything"

The next debate will demand more solid political answers of Trump. 

Marco Rubio remains the NoWhere man.
Rand Paul is still the Riddler.
Carly Fiorina is the token Republican female in the upcoming debate.
Cruz is just a bit ... spooky Dunno

Not only has Bush taken a beating in those Iowa polls, 
but Walker sank faster than a lead weight in water after the debates to non existant Lol
It is over for Walker Whip

His lame attempt at questioning Trump's faith was a feeble political ploy,
and digresses from true political content needed to be addressed.
The Iowa polls however do not represent the other states at all.
I don't see Carson holding on to his base that long.
Bush will emerge stronger in upcoming states,
but none of that can stop the Trump Bump  momentum.

Trump will have to make a serious faux-pas on primetime media to slow down his momentum.
It seems unlikely, 
that El Stupidissimo Jeb Bush will be convincing enough in the debate when he attempts to trump Trump,
with an aggressive enough stature that he will have to display this time,
as he has failed to convince anyone that he has a true political spinal cord  needed for the presidency.

Hillary on the other hand definitively has that political spinal cord to be the Titanium Lady,
and everybody can see that,
but nobody trusts her anymore to be accountable, except the faithful sheepies  

[Image: assimilated.gif] [Image: sheep.gif] [Image: assimilated.gif]

and Bernie Sanders
is saying all the right things appealing to the wide Democratic base in his recent interviews.

So therefore, Joe Biden needs to shit  Whip
or get off the pot.


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