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Next President of the United Fates of America
Quote:National Security: A new poll finds that despite her email breaches, voters still think Hillary Clinton is the best candidate to protect the country from cyberattacks. They clearly miss the gravity of the scandal.
Of course, it's not their fault. The Washington media have reported the story in fits and starts, while failing to provide context and relevance.
National security lies at the heart of the scandal. The FBI is investigating whether any of the Top Secret classified information passing through former Secretary of State Clinton's homebrew email server fell into the hands of America's enemies. Her server was unsecured and highly vulnerable to cyberattacks.
But apparently this critical angle is lost on registered voters, 42% of whom think Clinton is the White House hopeful "most qualified" to protect U.S. computer networks from hackers. Astoundingly, Clinton easily bested the rest of the 2016 field, according to the poll of 1,000 registered voters conducted by Wakefield Research and the encryption firm PKWare. GOP front-runner Donald Trump was a distant second at 24%.
In fact, Clinton is the worst person to defend the nation from cyberespionage.

What the public doesn't understand is that Clinton not only put national security at risk with her private email server. She also knew she was exposing state secrets to hackers — and did it anyway. Consider:
• In January 2009, diplomatic security officials "read in" Hillary on procedures to ID and handle classified information. Her security training included distinguishing classified from unclassified material and sending classified messages using the government's closed, encrypted email system, known as Secret Internet Protocol Router Network, or SIPRNet.
Yet Hillary secretly set up and used a separate unsecured email system in the basement of her New York residence to send and receive highly classified information.
• In February 2010, Clinton chided a staffer, Jake Sullivan, for hesitating to send a classified foreign speech to her personal and unsecured email account. "Just email it," she ordered him in a recently disclosed email, revealing her cavalier attitude toward protecting classified information from hackers.
• In July 2010, Clinton solicited additional classified information through her unsecured email — even though, at the time, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange had hacked and released some 92,000 State Department and Defense Department cables and other classified documents.
• In November 2012, Clinton's private email account was reconfigured to use Google's servers as a backup in case her own private server failed — though just a year earlier Beijing had tried to break into the Google mail accounts of senior U.S. government officials. The then-secretary had backed up Google's accusations against the Chinese government, in June 2011.

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