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Next President of the United Fates of America
Kalter Rauch:

Quote:What I mentioned before about Trumps show, The Apprentice...
The number of Republican candidates-16-
seems to show a certain link to the script being followed, 
whether as a result of psychological factors within the party
or even overtly "arranged" by Trump... 

Trump knew exactly when to step in.
He will know exactly when to pull out, 
unless he maintains his wave of winging it, by producing substance and surprising everybody.
Regardless of the ultimate outcome,
Trump's entry into the race foremost exposed the weakness of Bush, 
a feeble dopey stupidissimo with 100 million dollars for political advertising,
disguised to hide the dummy dust candidate Whip 
behind a mask  Anon of efficiency and experience. 

Trump still controls the show. In a way he is weeding them out.

Walker's failure was predicted on my part, and probably sensed as inevitable by Trump.
Rubio looks clean and fresh again and will build upon that.
Fiorina is the current wild card, and not a chance that she will be the Republican candidate,
but she can take from Trump's polling totals as time goes on.
Fiorina also bleeds Carson even further as the sinking ship candidate Whip
Rand Paul may be next to concede. 
Forget the rest, perhaps Cruz will stay or linger in the race.

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