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Next President of the United Fates of America
all those idiots are at the UN talking about Syria.

Putin is a total scum bag for supporting Assad -- a murderer equal to ISIS,
 a leader that destroyed his own country, bombed his own people in many cities,
created a refugee crisis beyong what ISIS has done yet.
and used military terrorism to control the land he still has left.

Millions have fled Assad controlled Syria then to encounter ISIS,
and so the exodus heads to Europe.

Putin sees what is coming at him, and allies with Iran,
and who together are now calling for international organization against "terrorism".

I will laugh when the first Russians get beheaded in Syria.

Putin has deployed Russian troops into Syria to support Assad who is as evil as they come around.
Iran is working the same game of blame the "terrorists".

We blew it not going in immediately and taking Syria when we had a chance.
Now Obama has to work with Russia.
Stupid shit.
The Turks are useless and so is the rest of NATO.
Only the Kurds had integrity and true will to fight the evil of ISIS.

There will never be peace in Syria as long as Alawites retain full power in Syria.

Assad will be assasinated, it is a matter of time, and don't be surprised if the Russians do it,
behind the scenes somehow,
as that is what they are best at.

The Iranian nuclear deal is nothing to worry about,
and a ploy by Republicans currently to play big mouth bullshit.
The deal was inevitable.
A nuclear offensive Iran would become a burnt hole in the ground full of Israeli jet strikes and nukes.
There is no question that Israel will some day destroy those facilities,
after Iran gets frisky and tries something stupid,
or is set up into a manufactured war act that demands Israeli response.

Next ... as Russia gets more powerful in Syria ... watch the Russians start to build nuclear plants there.
That will tighten up Beelze-Bibi's butt hole and constipate his sorry ass with more shit than he can handle. 

Fuck Vladimir Putin, ... only a sick leader with bad intent supports Assad,
and that goes for Iran as well.
Death to the Ayaghoulah.
May Putin eat his own shit cakes of war and bring home Russians in body bags.
Death to Assad.
die mother fuckers, right along with ISIS.

We blew our chance in Syria to take over when the taking was easy.
It's too late and messy now,
and time for the Turks to put their money where their mouths are,
because they don't want Russia or Assad in Syria.
If the Turks do nothing, Russia will eventually take it all.
And the Saudi's ... wtf? ... all money talk and no military action on the ground.

Putin has challenged them all to fight on the ground,
but now Turkey and Arabia have to tiptoe around Russian troops and air strikes.
... has Putin already won?
We shall see how far back they push al -Nusra and Army of Conquest,
because that is who they have to go after first.
Damascus will burn as well, it is coming.

Demilitarized zones will be set up in Syria ala eastern European style WW2, after the apocalypse.
F-ing crazy shit.
Then what?
What happens to the Kurds?
Then the Shi-ite Iraqis are back in power over all of Iraq?
It isn't going to work that way this time.
Assad and his top men have to die, along with al-Baghdadi and his top men, and all the Ghouls in Baghdad.
Putin needs to be removed from Russian power.
The Russians themselves see that coming soon enough, and know that change will be difficult. 

Putin supporting Assad is political insanity and an act of global terrorism.
Russia will greatly regret these actions in the future when the Islamic terrorism returns to Moscow.
Actors wearing masks of Assad and Putin perform during a demonstration outside UN headquarters in 2011

[Image: 135479b9df0f4748af29e5ae6d54ac83_18.jpg]

[Image: Activists+Demonstrate+Against+Assad+Puti...5jJn3l.jpg]

[Image: assad-has-one-more-chance-e280a6-one-mor...chance.jpg]

[Image: Bashar-al-Assad-310x233.jpg]
die Ghoul die

[Image: assad-putin.jpg]

Putin sucks

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