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Next President of the United Fates of America
When it comes to gun control
remember this:

when they want to take your gun rights away because of these killings of "innocent people" in the USA,
what should also be demanded is that:
weapon sales to foreign countries be fully halted 
in order to cease the inadvertant or purposeful killing of "innocent people" 
by the military of the country buying those weapons,
{or even our own mistakes in bombings}.

You will never see the US govt. do that --- stop selling weapons to other countries.
You will never see the US run a "back ground check" on the Turkish PM Erdogan.
He is exempt and immune from killing innocent Kurds in bombing raids etc etc.

The primary reason this govt. maintains it's hypocrisy of calling for weapon control
on it's own people, 
and then still selling weapons of mass destruction to other countries that kills innocent people,
is that we are in direct competition with Putin's Russia in global weapons sales,
and supplying global death in the form of mass killing weaponry --
tanks, missiles, jets, etc etc etc
to all the countries of the world.

If we stop selling weapons to everybody, Putin just picks up the slack,
and sells Russian military industrial complex weapons technologies and makes all the money.

It's all about the money and the industrial manufacturing base of war geared economies.

So attempting to create increasing gun control on the US population is pure hypocrisy in that regard.

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