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Next President of the United Fates of America
I missed the debate ... and that is good, as I had my work to do at up the university.

Barnie Slumber let Hillary off the hook on the emails,
and that alone is enough reason to know who will get the Demo nomination.

By the ways, these were online social media polls --- like Facebook.
Despite CNN Propaganda, Post-Debate Poll Shows Bernie Sanders Crushing Hillary, 75% to 18%

this is a good retrospective on the debate polling
John Cassidy --- New Yorker

Quote:In the media coverage of Tuesday’s Democratic debate, 
there was almost universal agreement that Hillary Clinton came out on top. 
In online polls, 
several focus groups, 
and much of social media, though, 
the story was rather different. 
Many people insisted that Bernie Sanders was the victor, and that the lame “M.S.M.” had gotten it wrong again.

I experienced this difference of opinion firsthand. 
In the early hours of Wednesday morning, 
I pronounced Clinton the big winner, 
saying that she had been “sharp, personable, and assured.” 
I also said that Sanders “gave a good account of himself,” 
but that didn’t satisfy some readers. 
Within hours, the complaints were raining in—on Twitter, on Facebook, and elsewhere. 
Had I been coöpted by the Clinton campaign? 
Was I watching the same debate as everybody else? Did I have a clue what I was writing about?

For the record, my answers are no, yes, and I hope so.

It’s certainly possible that I, and many other commentators, got it wrong. 
The media has erred before, plenty of times. 
Back in April, when Sanders announced his candidacy, 
many observers wrote him off as a fringe candidate who wouldn’t have much of an impact. 
I didn’t make that particular error: 
indeed, I welcomed Sanders to the race, 
pointing out that he would 
“provide a voice to those Democrats 
who agree with him that the U.S. political system has been bought, lock, stock, and barrel.” 
That one I got right. 
But on the Republican side, after Donald Trump jumped in, 
I underestimated his staying power, 
as did many other members of the media. 
Did we get the Democratic debate wrong, too?

Let’s look, briefly, at the case for the prosecution. 
At AlterNet, the alternative-news site, Adam Johnson pointed out, 
“Sanders won the CNN focus group, the Fusion focus group,
 and the Fox News focus group; in the latter, 
he even converted several Hillary supporters. He won the Slate online poll, CNN/Time online poll, 
9News Colorado, The Street online poll, Fox5 poll, the conservative Drudge online poll 
and the liberal Daily Kos online poll. 
There wasn’t, to this writer’s knowledge, a poll he didn’t win by at least an 18-point margin.”

The only post-debate poll I’ve seen that employed orthodox surveying techniques 

was carried out by the research firm Gravis Marketing, 
and it showed Clinton as the clear victor. 
Researchers for Gravis asked a random sample 
of seven hundred and sixty registered Democrats 
across the United States this question: 
“Who do you think won the debate?” 
Sixty-two per cent of respondents said Clinton, 
thirty per cent said Sanders, and six per cent said Martin O’Malley. 
It’s just one poll and its results aren’t definitive, 
but if most Democratic voters, in fact, believe that Sanders won, it is an enormous outlier.

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