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Next President of the United Fates of America
One thing is clear after viewing the post debate coverage.
That Marco Rubio and Trump are the best chances they have for some kind of rally to beat Hillary.
Bush is finished, and I am amazed at how Trump engineered that out of nowhere, 
with his entry into the race.
I like Rand Paul, but he isn't going to make it.
Carson is too full of bible belt baloney soul philosophy to play hardball on the international stage.
It would be fucking comical to see him sit next to Putin.
I should make a cartoon of it.
Buck Wheat serving hot steaming Cream of Wheat with non-GMO butter-n-sugar ...  to Vladimir. 

So the upcoming US election and international TV network news game show,
will ultimately confront this:  
Who can sit next to Putin on the news,
and captivate international audiences in convincing [b] political command? [/b]

Carson Whip
Fiorina Whip
Christie Whip
Paul Whip

Bush Rofl 

Cruz Hmm2

Putin --->  Kickbut  <---  Rubio
Putin --->  Kickbut  <--- Trump

and Hillary
has already sat down with Putin, many times.

[Image: par3129164.jpg]

What was that I was reading here?
the Russians own Hillary?


Well .... Hillo Hello Holo HillofBeanos Hillary ... heck the Russkies love her,
check out Lavrov getting frisky .... he wants to press her little red button, that horny Russkie.

[Image: hillary-clinton-russiajpg.jpg]

Vlady definitely likes Hillary and has a distinct rapport with her
[Image: clinton-putin_2931725b.jpg]

if you like Putin and the future of Russian US relations ... you better vote for Hillary.


Heyyyyyyy .... check it out
a great old image 
of International Gangsta's .... 
the only thing missing is Stallone in an expensive Italian suit kicking the crap out of protesters.

[Image: Vladimir_Putin_with_Bill_Clinton-13.jpg]

Here is an even more amusing but disturbing image

[Image: bcz1.jpg]

All the above are much of why Trump and Carson are leading in the Republican race.
Which Republican candidates do the Democrats fear most in an election?

Trump and Rubio.

Hillary and Barney Slumber.
Well you know how that is going to go.

Hillary is on her Ho Bag High Heel Grand Band Wagon Network News Tour De Force  Split_spawn
riding the current wave of popularity resurgence,
and Vladimir is still chuckling about Ben Carson in the Republican lead. 

El Stupidissimo Jeb Bush meanwhile grumbles and shits on a giant corn flake for the TV news,

while waiting for the sinkhole hole to open.

Hillary and Vladimir have a steamy romantic flair to their encounters,
those horny Russians ... she is about to pee down her leg ... Smoke
[Image: putin-clinton-gettyv3.jpg]


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