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Next President of the United Fates of America
Trump kind of set the pace with the immigration ... wtf did he call it ... Deportation Force Rofl

Draconian measures such as Homeland Security Deportation Polizei are ridiculous, 
but he is attempting to up the ante and force the issue on immigration more than anything.

None the less Trump begins his possible slide by pushing this issue to a level beyond a capable approach.

No, you cannot deport 11 million Mexicans.
But Trump does press the issue to the main stage thus forcing the other candidates to come up with ... a ... plan Whip
That will inevitably include Hillary at some point in the race.

Trump sets the stage in a way for Rubio and Cruz to rise by chancing such a dramatic proposal on immigration.
We shall see in the next two weeks how he fares in the polls.

Fiorina is trying too hard to be Margaret Thatcher and she can't compete,
as Snarly Carly is at best the Aluminum Foil Lady.

Carson is still a Cream of Buck Wheat Pie Ass wallowing in presidential Passover politics.

Rand Paul is still interesting,
but Rubio as the new Batman,
and the Republican Penguin Ted Cruz get the debate honors.

all those Republican candidates ... like Gotham City on stage there.

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