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Next President of the United Fates of America
holy smokes  Doh

Trump on a bizarre tirade ... his focus is slipping and that should translate into lesser polling numbers.
He called the Iowa voters stupid Lol
but you just don't do that  Naughty

Carson is a black twinkie wrapped up in a prayer session at Sunday school.
The way he waves his arms around when he talks now ... didn't see him do that before.

Trump and Carson have basically dragged the Republican party into the public bathroom cleaning toilets 
and that is the gist of their race at this point.
But then,
America apperas to like toilet paper debates looking at the debate stats of viewers.

Trump is scrambling to find new entertainment venues in his speeches.
He shot himself in the foot with his Carson and Iowa voter comments.
It's not too hard for him to stay near the top though with the bulk of the competition
having holes in their heads.

It is a bit of a puzzle as to why Rubio or Cruz do not surge in the polls.

Carson has the bible belt vote but his bible bubble is going to burst.

Trump still can redeem himself and keep his standings,
but his ego may get in the way.

Bush is like Pee Wee Herman with a broken leg as he stumbles forth trying to stay in the race.

Fiorina is an aging soap opera actress at best,
and she is all icky and sticky with her own slick but sick bullshit.

Rand Paul is still there and standing firm but he is up against too many divided voters.

My guess is that at some point Trump will drop and pump money into either Cruz or Rubio.

But if anyone can strangle the rabbit out of the hat ... it would be Trump.

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