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Next President of the United Fates of America
Straight form the monkey see monkey poo news center Con News Network
it's the Republican debate 
530 Pm EST

it 's time for what they are calling:

"The Commander in Chief" debate

days gone by for Commanders
[Image: frank-scherschel-gen-dwight-eisenhower-c...gomery.jpg]

Rubio just got the loudest applause on the intro

monkey shit former commander in grief here has his bro Jeb living on death row ... ie ... life support
[Image: q7812563.jpg]

here comes the comedy hour, get your vomit bucket handy however


Opening statements:

Rand Paul had substance

Kasich sucked

Christie sucked

Fiorina sucked

Bush is still a dummy dust monkey terd

Rubio appeared to be vibrant and ready

Cruz ... well ... he said little other than we will utterly destroy radical Islam Hmm2

Cream of wtf Buck Wheat wants Congress declare war on ISIS Hmm2

Trump did well enough indeed with a simple statement congratulating himself profusely Lol

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