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Next President of the United Fates of America
Cruz just took over the debate from the CNN clowns,
They cannot compete with his debatemanship.
He has them by the balls with his debate skills {Harvard}



who  won  the  debate  ?    Horsepoop


Rand Paul has more sense than any of them, but he won't win ... so he didn't win.

Trump was less than great but definetly better than not bad ... 
he got a lot of traction right near the end with the "staying a republican" comment

Rubio did well, 
but had a lot of bite back that hurt from both Cruz and Paul especially.

Cruz won by sheer insistence of keeping on talking over time limit and the CNN panel of fools.

Cruz refused to attack Trump,
and Trump was standing there hoping for the best 
when Cruz was asked the question on Trump being capable to be Commander in Chief,
and he got the best that Cruz had in avoiding the question by misdirection.

It essentially ... was a Trump -- Cruz victory.


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