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Next President of the United Fates of America
Rand Paul slams Rubio

Quote:Sen. Rand Paul is dinging his fellow Sen. Marco Rubio 
for missing a big spending vote last week, 
calling on his Republican president opponent to either resign from office or give back his pay.

"I think really that he ought to just resign 
or probably give his pay back because he's not really earning his pay at this point," 
Paul said on Sean Hannity's Fox News show.

For months Paul has been hounding Rubio, 
who is far exceeding him in polling, 
over missing Senate votes while campaigning for president. 

But in the last week the Kentucky senator has started calling for his Florida colleague 
to actually give up his seat or his pay to make up for being absent  Lol

As the Senate passed a massive $1.8 trillion spending and tax package last Friday, 

Rubio was campaigning in Iowa and Missouri and missed voting on the bill.

meanwhile Whip

Ted Cruz is going nationwide

This is a lengthy article -- excerpts
Ted Cruz Gaining on Donald Trump in GOP Race

Quote: Sen. Ted Cruz, has quietly but steadily been gaining on the real estate mogul Donald Trump,
by engaging in relentless retail politics.

A Quinnipiac poll released Tuesday shows Cruz in second place with 24 percent, 
just 4 points less than Trump. 
It’s Cruz’s highest national showing to date.

From airplane hangars to high school gymnasiums to farm fields, 
Cruz has been crisscrossing the country in the days before Christmas 
as part of a “Take Off With Ted" tour.  Horsepoop

His rallies over the last week has drawn thousands of supporters. 
His campaign increasingly believes the race for the Republican presidential nomination 
will come down to him and Trump.

“Donald Trump said a couple days ago that he thinks this race will come down to him and me. 
I think Donald may well be right," 
Cruz told reporters on Tuesday. 
"It could easily end up being a two man race between Donald Trump and me 
and I think that presents a good choice to the American people."

Roe backed up Cruz's claims, 
saying Trump was a stronger competitor than Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, 
who trails both men in third place in national polls.

“What we see on the ground and what we see organizationally 
and who we see that we’re competing with in the first four states and the southern part of the SEC primary, 
we see Trump and nobody else,” Roe said.

Cruz, who typically flies commercial, 
chartered a plane for his seven-day Christmas tour. 
Cruz launched the tour in Nevada 
before pivoting to Minnesota, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Virginia.

“Those are southern states. 

They’re conservative states. 
They’re military veterans. 
They’re gun owners. 
They’re southern Baptist evangelicals. 
We are going to have an incredible day on 'Super Tp  Tuesday,'” Cruz said on Dec. 19.

Rubio is in trouble.
He cannot out steam the momentum of this temporary Trump - Cruz alliance.
The Trump gambit from the beginning set this into play -- a Cruz - Trump dominance in the race.
How this plays out will be interesting indeed.

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