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Next President of the United Fates of America

Quote:The thing that strikes me at the moment V
Putin may be a chess master
but Trump is the only one running who would give Putin a good game
Trump is in to Gamesmanship and is very good at it!

yes Trump would be good at that.
Actually Putin would rather deal with Trump than Hillary.
He finds that easier.
CNN had an ex KGB general on the air talking about the brief love affair between Trump and Putin
as they heaped praise upon each other.
His name is Kalugin,
and his comment was that Putin just has a better taste for Trump in a positive manner,
but it also implies that putin thinks he can manipulate Truump better than Hillary.
Hillary would be plenty tough with Putin,
that part is fairly certain.

Fascinating material from Oleg Kalugin ex KGB general:

Quote:Kalugin believes Litvinenko was killed by the FSB 
for disclosing what he describes as "uncomely aspects" of Putin's private life.

He says he had warned Litvinenko about the dangers of making such details public. 
"I called him when he was in London and told him he shouldn't be writing things about [Putin's] private life," he says. 
"Then he died, my warning had come too late."

The incident has not deterred Kalugin from openly criticizing Putin and his policies.

The two men have exchanged acerbic barbs, 
with Kalugin branding the Russian leader a "deadbeat" and a "war criminal" 
for sanctioning the atrocities perpetrated by Russian forces during the second Chechen War.

Asked whether he is not afraid of meeting the fate of Markov and Litvinenko, 
Kalugin claims to be protected by influential friends in Putin's close circle.

But there is one topic that he intends to keep under wraps for his own safety: 

Putin's shadowy private life. 
"When I'm asked about Putin," he says, "I answer, 
'Ask his wife, he spent 30 years with her.'"ral Kalugin's inte c

Quote:General Kalugin's internal criticism of lawlessness, arbitrary rule, 
and cronyism within the KGB 
caused friction with the KGB leadership, 
and he was demoted to serve as first deputy chief of internal security in Leningrad from 1980 to 1987. 
He recalls that for the first time in his career, 
he saw that the KGB's internal functions had little to do with the security of the state, 
and everything to do with maintaining corrupt Communist Party officials in power. 
Kalugin retired from the KGB in 1990 and became a public critic of the Communist system.
Oleg Kalugin: “Putin Is a Temporary Twist In History”

Quote:U.W.: In your opinion, what is the difference between Putin’s system 
and the Soviet system? Between Stalin’s and Putin's ways of running the country?

The Soviet system was heterogeneous. 
There was Stalin’s variety and then Khrushchev’s, Brezhnev’s, Andropov’s and Gorbachev’s. 
Each one had its own special traits. 
Putin has partly reverted to Stalinist methods. 
The difference is that under Stalin repressions were carried out on a mass scale. 
He imprisoned and killed hundreds of thousands and millions of people, 
while Putin is acting selectively. 
He has set up an authoritarian state in Russia again: 
his regime is not as bloody but no less criminal than Stalin’s.


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