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Next President of the United Fates of America
Kasich and Rubio slammed Chris Christie pretty good with facts in recent comments.

Chris Christie ... aka Jabba the Smut ... punches back at Rubio with venom.
Christie hits back: Rubio can’t ‘slime his way to the White House’


Meanwhile the Cruz campaign is scraping the pickle barrel for some vinegar on Rubio
Cruz camp mocks Rubio's 'high-heeled booties'

Quote:“A Vote for Marco Rubio Is a Vote for Men’s High-Heeled Booties,” 
Rick Tyler, Cruz’s communications director, tweeted Tuesday,

Rubio meanwhile gets some endorsments 
but runs with some contradictory policy to those endorsers  Hmm2

so this is quite interesting as Rubio gains support from Senators that voted contrary to his ideals
Marco Rubio's surveillance attacks also hit his allies

Quote:Marco Rubio has cited efforts to roll back surveillance powers 
as a key line of attack against his opponents in the presidential race.

"If ISIS had lobbyists in Washington, 
they would have spent millions to support the anti-intelligence law 
that was just passed with the help of some Republicans now running for president," 
the freshman senator said Monday in a national security speech in New Hampshire.

But as he amps up his rhetoric, 
what Rubio doesn't mention on the trail 
is that many of his biggest advocates in Congress 
have been outspoken supporters of the very bill Rubio is attacking Texas Sen. Ted Cruz for backing.

One of those lawmakers is Rep. Darrell Issa, R-California, 
who was stumping for Rubio on Tuesday and Wednesday in New Hampshire. 

Another is Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-South Carolina, 
who endorsed Rubio over the holidays and campaigned for him in Iowa last week.

Both were original co-sponsors of the very legislation Rubio has repeatedly criticized on the trail.

Rubio, who has positioned himself as the national security candidate since the Paris terror attacks, 
has repeatedly attacked that vote on the campaign trail, 
saying Cruz and fellow GOP candidate and Sen. Rand Paul 
support weakening the U.S. military and intelligence community.

"It is easy to talk tough on national security," 
Rubio said Tuesday in Iowa. 
"You can't make the sands glow in the dark if you don't have bombs. 
You can't attack terrorists if you don't know where they are."

The "sands glow in the dark" line is a direct reference to Cruz -- 

who used the imagery in December to describe how he'll attack ISIS.

But while Rubio has clashed with Cruz on surveillance, 
he has ignored the fact that his surrogates were as strong advocates of the same bill as Cruz.

"While no piece of legislation is perfect, 
the USA Freedom Act is critical to ending the unacceptable status quo 
and better protects Americans' civil liberties," Gowdy said in a press release in May.

"The USA Freedom Act should be counted as a victory for those fighting for civil liberties 
and increased government transparency," Issa said in a May statement.

On the Senate side, 

two of the three senators 
who have endorsed Rubio were also supportive of the bill. 
Sen. Steve Daines, R-Montana, was an original co-sponsor of the legislation, 
and Sen. Cory Gardner, R-Colorado, voted in favor of it.


Rubio has to outscore Christie in NH and do well in SC.
He needs to show some gains on Cruz,
and he got that with the senatorial endorsements from those senators whose votes were contrary Rubio,
which is very interesting and good for Rubio's campaign right now. 

The race begins to get hot fast now.

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