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Next President of the United Fates of America
45 minutes to Live Talking Shit Heads on the Fox Republican Debate...

I laughed when Carson said he was going to get tough.
Too late for Buckwheat to go bowling for strikes.

Bush   Rofl ... the retard is still in toilet training to be president.

they are all going to go after Humpty Trumpty, but nobody can knock him off the wall,
he has to fall off all on his own {if that happens}

Rubio better shine like a supernova.
He cannot afford to just flick his Bic.
He has to kick ass, and set the rest aflame.

the republican  Horsepoop debate

loading up the pipe time,
should be entertaining ... funny how the Demo debate was just another soap opera rerun.

my debate intro post from bottom of prior page:

looks like it is at 9 pm EST --- 6 PM PST

No Rand Paul is ridiculous, but I don;t blame him for not participating.
what ...?
Christie and Bush get to the prime time but Paul doesn't?

Fox News is a cesspool of bullshit.

none the less --- watch the questions from Fox moderators be a pyramid of bullshit as well.

I want to see who says what about Iranian aggression.
Who says what about the huge excess refugees of refugees and Ghouls into Europe.
Who says what about Assad and Putin.

the economy is going to tank, no matter who wins,
and no amount of monkey business banking will alleviate what is coming

Trump is going to run out of his grandiose guarantees soon enough,
and he will see the competition come closer.

This is Rubio's big chance to shine,
and he needs to look like the sunshine on steroids illuminating the tunnel of darkness,
while shit kicking the rest of the shit heads into the gutter.

Trump will play coy as he begins to run out of choochoo in his model toy train campaign promises.

Cruz has the finest tightrope to walk of all of them,
and for once Bush can relax temporarily in the throat of toilet,
because the big flush is coming to draino his candidacy back to the sewer it came from.

Carson will try and hot sauce his Cream of Buckwheat bullshit and it will fail.

Christie will suck his own dick to get attention, and he will fade after NH.

Kasich is kind of a like a left testicle looking at a right testicle asking the other where the bone goes. Lol

Thank God they got rid of the Aluminum Foil Lady and she is now on the first debate.

Trump   [Image: sheep.gif]  Trump



who is the clown on the stage now -- head of RNC ... Prince Priebust  Hmm2
trying to give that twit Nikki Haley some applause after she trashed Trump  the day before

somebody said she was a VP contender Nonono

it's 5 min before the show Whip

did you see the Rubio ad at 15 min before showtime?
trashed Bush.


"... and the home of the brave ..."

the national anthem precedes the clown infestation before it comes on stage

Maria Bartiromo is a moderator

Here come the  Yak  Clowns ... one by one introduced ....



this is painful

Christie being the big piggie in a bad suit, and then Bush stammering 




Rubio was entertaining ... he did well.

Buckwheat trying to be funny then serious ... 


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