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Next President of the United Fates of America

Trump holds his own ... passes the first test ... but ... the competition is getting under his collar,
he will still have to score.

the Cruz speech was interesting,
I didn't know that the NYT went all witch hunt on him.

he explained his way out of that well,
but it was completely divergent from the issues.
he is a smart guy none the less




Fox news moderators really really suck.

Cruz is playing this out very well on the Trump -- birther issue -- .

He is kicking butt.



this is great

Trump is on a roll

pointed straight to VP possibilities

Cruz fighting back

a great exchange

they just stole the show

the rest of the clowns sitting there like dead ducks 

Rubio tries to take it back and refocus



get away from the Trump-n-Cruz show ....

and go to Christie and Bush Gangup  and Kasich 

and the whole thing starts to fall asleep 

now they get to talk guns 

Rubio is trying too hard, ... he has to show that he can relax and kick ass.



Trump just talks and gets by easily without saying much.

Rubio did very well on the gun control issue.

Christie is unconvincing.

Cruz is interesting ...   "new york values "  Lol

Cruz is clapping for Trump's response on the Twin Towers  Rofl

Cruz got spanked by Trump and took his whoopin'


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