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Next President of the United Fates of America
Sarah Palin just endorsed Donald Trump

she knows how to get votes
[Image: 21239_375862.jpg]

Iowa ... New Hampshire ... South Carolina ... the perfect republican poster whore

[Image: Sarah_Palin_Patriots.jpg]

Endowed with political savvy as she displays her undersatnding of "New York values" 
[Image: poxrd1fl34vzc1.jpg?imageId=18989893]

She fascinates the young American males to vote for Trump
[Image: eee6b5e1313762b41e04b03572b0ddb9.jpg]

she is very pretty 
[Image: 2010-Sarah-Palin-8-400.jpg]

even almost glamorous
[Image: 110714_palin_fec_report_ap_328.jpg]

stewart had them tagged a while back
[Image: jon-stewart-donald-trump-sarah-palin-daily-show.jpg]

she visited Humpty Trumpty in 2011 
[Image: conf18f-1-web.jpg]

enormous image of sarah
[Image: Sara-Palin1.jpg]

The porn industry went after Sarah Palin and cashed in.
On a whim ... I typed into google --- "sarah palin porn" ... holy smokes ...
She has a dead ringer lookalike that is in several porn images from films,
and a host of fake porn scenes with her face that are pro perfect production.
Man ... they just went to town on her in porn. 

I bet they don't have voters with clue in Iowa on that subject ...

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