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Next President of the United Fates of America
All day TV news ... Trump and Fox ... Teetertotter 

Megan Kelly is the whore du jour for Trump to hump-n-dump on.

image at smoloko .com ... probably a Ghoul fly trap news site run by jim stone Naughty

[Image: MegynKellyZionistWhoreMEME.jpg]

Rupert Murdoch's Jew Dick Whip   Lol

I will agree with Trump on the issue of Kelly's famous question, 
designed to embarrass him in the last Fox debate.

It was no doubt an attempt to set process in motion to derail him.
In that regard,
he may be wise to abstain from the upcoming Fox debate just days before Iowa caucus.

[Image: LFklsXb.jpg]

posing in pictures as a Fox News whore ... 
We shall see how missing the debate affects Trump.

All of a sudden the Republican debate is about as appealing to endure ...
as Jeb Bush's dummy dust jokes,
or Chris Christie's vomit bucket,
or Carly Fiorina's powerless vibrator.

Trump isn't running for president,
he is running his campaign for the position of American Czar.

Trump wants to be like Putin  Lol
[Image: N2PIRlC.jpg]

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