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Next President of the United Fates of America
well how about that ... 

Cruz won in Iowa after that bad debate performance.
This is a major hit for Trump to take.

And Rubio made a very strong showing almost trumping Trump. 

Cruz    28 %
Trump 24%
Rubio  23%

This shows that the Trump phenomena lacks the turnout for voting,
as opposed to those voters turning up for laughs in Trump-o-tainment media events.

Trump is going to have spend more money and time now.

Polls have Trump handily ahead in NH,
but the polls had him ahead in Iowa.

Rubio is the big surprise here.
He capitalized finally on strong debate performances.

That may carry over to NH.
It was Rubio that took Trump's share of the Iowa voters causing Trump to lose to Cruz.

very interesting

Sanders and Clinton in a dead heat

49.8 to 49.6 %
If Clinton pulls off the victory she will be sitting in the cat bird seat,
and NH won't matter.

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