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Next President of the United Fates of America
On PBS news tonight they had Brooks and Shields commentary on some of the candidates.
The interesting part was how the commentary ended on a largely optimistic opinion,
towards Rubio overall by both Brooks and Shields.

Brooks at one point even subtly and suggestively implied that Rubio could take first in NH,
and sail the rest of the way.
This was a distinctly suggestive play by Brooks to toss support to Rubio, 
over the clear Trump-o-tainment chance to gain momentum in NH.

todays polls NH

The problem that Rubio faces is that Cruz regains strength and mometum in the south,
and Trump's poll numbers haven't flinched that much nationally,
and both Cruz and Trump maintain leads in S. Carolina.

Rubio still out polls Hillary at that realclearpolitics link above,
much more so that any of the rest of the Republicans.

Mean while Trump-o-tainment has had to hit the streets and rally voters to show up.
His curse filled speech televised by the networks did not bother me,
and he still reverts back to his Love Boat Comedy Hour at events,
but he has to pantomine himself as the calm collected statesman,
in the small staged face to face citizen Q and A sessions.

Trump might be a very good manager of a good team as president.
When he is in charge he does well.
He sets a lofty standard but does not offer tangible methods.
He worries about that later after the victory parade.

Well ... Obama did that as well, 
yes we can yes we can yes we can ... mantra ...
with Trump,
we are going to win we are going to win we are going to win ...

But Trump doesn't even understand something about himself in that kind of power.
He would naturally become an imperial mentality,
Czar, king, emperor, president all wrapped up in one. 
It's the imperial Vladimir Putin syndrome,
in this case:
Vladimir Napoleon Trump,
he has a hair dresser on his private jet.


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